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  1. My partner & I were operating an independant estate agent and the knock on effect of bad management by this governement, especially procceding with HIP ( which by the way do not deliver what they were designed for) have forced us to close our doors at the end of the year as there is a very dark cloud over property prices and the stability of the economy at the moment. It all has a knock on effect. It will get a lot worse before it gets better. Posted by Saz from Peterborough
  2. They can't use Euro 2008 as an excuse either, as were not in it!! mind you they could spin it to say: Britain’s Property crash due to public disappointment in not qualifying for Euro 2008
  3. People go bankrupt for many reasons, granted some of these people are low life scum, but some are normal people who fall on bad times: Family member dies, Redundancy,
  4. Famous Individuals That Have Filed For Bankruptcy Sorry only Us but Richard Branson could be added to the list Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States Benedict Arnold Betrayed colonists to British John James Audubon Illustrated Birds of America P.T. Barnum The Great American circus owner John Barrymore Actor; Romeo & Juliet Lionel Bart British composer - lyricist - playwright (1972) Kim Basinger Oscar - winning actress (1993) Frank Baum Wizard of Oz author Barbara Bel Geddes Actor; Miss Elle on Dallas Melvin Belli Famous Lawyer known as 'The King of Torts' Bunny Berigan Jazz trumpeter great George Best Manchester United soccer Jay Black rock star, lead member of "Jay and the Americans" (1986) John Wayne Bobbitt Penectomy survivor Peter Bogdanovich American Filmographer Bjorn Borg Pro tennis player Lorraine Bracco Oscar - nominated actress (1999) Matthew Brady portrait / US Civil War photographer (1872) Toni Braxton rock star (1998) Louise Brooks Actor; Pandora’s Box Sylvia Browne Afraid to accept Randi’s $1million challenge Lenny Bruce Comic; Multiply obscene comic Buffalo Bill Wild West showman Gary Burghoff Radar O’Reilly in MASH Anita Bryant singer, 1958 Miss America 2nd runner up (1997) Crazy Cabbie Radio personality on the Howard Stern menagerie Tia Carrere Actor; Wayne’s World Nell Carter Actor; Housekeeper on Gimme a Break Raymond Carver Author; Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? Miguel de Cervantes Novelist; Don Quixote George Clinton rock star (1984) (note: this is not the composer George S. Clinton) Samuel L. Clemens ("Mark Twain") best - selling American author - humorist (1894) Natalie Cole singer Gary Coleman actor (1999) Concrete Blonde rock group John Connally Former Texas Governor, wounded in 1963 Kennedy assassination in Dallas (1987) Francis Ford Coppola Oscar - winning film writer - director - producer (1999) Cathy Lee Crosby Actress - American Author (1992) David Crosby singer / songwriter Aleister Crowley Wickedest man in the world Vic Damone singer (1971) Dorothy Dandridge Oscar- nominated actress singer (1963) Daniel Defoe Author; Robinson Crusoe Lee De Forest Oscar-winning film/sound synchronization pioneer, producer (1937) Dino De Laurentis Oscar - winning film producer (1988) John DeLorean Automobile designer and entrepreneur Walt Disney Oscar - winning film producer, animation & theme park pioneer (1923) Henry Dunant Red Cross founder William C. Durant Founder of General Motor Eddy "the eagle" Edwards Great Britain's first Olympic ski jumper (1991) Keith Famie Survivor II: The Australian Outback contestant, chef-restauranter, American Author (1996/97) Freddy Fender Musician; Before the Next Teardrop Falls Stephin Fetchit Actor; Professional black stereotype Eddie Fisher Singer; crooner dumped by Liz Taylor Mick Fleetwood rock star, lead member of "Fleetwood Mac" (1984) Heidi Fleiss Clothing line founder; American author Henry Ford Automobile manufacturer William Fox Co-Founder of 20th Century Fox Film Corporation (1936) Red Foxx actor – entertainer R. Buckminster Fuller Architect-futurist-invented the geodesic dome Zsa Zsa Gabor Cop-slapping Gabor sister Marvin Gaye singer (1970s) Andy Gibb rock star (1987) Gary Glitter Rock and Roll Part 2 Bernhard Goetz Subway vigilante criminal Charles Goodyear 19th century American inventor, who discovered how to vulcanize rubber Ulysses S. Grant 18th US President; Civil War general, best-selling American Author, face is pictured on the US fifty dollar bill ( 1884 after leaving office) Elizabeth Ward Gracen actress; model; Miss America 1982 (1999) Bob Guccione publisher and founder of Penthouse magazine (2003) Johannes Gutenberg Inventor of movable type Tony Gwynn Batted .394 in 1994 for the Padres Merle Haggard country music star (1993) Corey Haim actor (1997) Frans Hals Dutch portraitist Dorothy Hamill Olympic gold-medal ice-skater (1996) M.C. Hammer rock star (1996) George Frideric Handel Messiah composer Richard Harris Oscar-nominated actor-producer-director Isaac Hayes Oscar-winning songwriter - composer - musician -singer (1976) Margaux Hemingway Troubled actress OD’d on klonopin Sherman Hemsley actor (2002) Ty Herndon Country music star caught in cruisy park Milton Snavely Hershey founder of Hershey’s chocolate Kent Hovind Creation Science huckster Steve Howe MLB pitcher E. Howard Hunt Coordinated Watergate break-in Nelson Bunker Hunt Tried to corner the silver market Ron Isley Rhythm-and blues singer (mid late 1990s) La Toya Jackson rock star (1995) Don Johnson actor-producer Eli Jacobs Former Baltimore Orioles owner Janice - Marie Johnson rock star/disco diva (1980s) Al Jolson Miami Vice, Nash Bridges George Jones Country singer Kacey Jones country music star, musical humorist Clay Jordan Survivor V: Thailand contestant; restauranter (2001) Chaka Kahn rock star Charles Keating Morality crusader, white-collar swindler Buster Keaton Actor, The General Bernard Kerik NYC Police Commissioner, 2000-2001 Margot Kidder Lois Lane in Superman movie Larry King talk-show host, best selling American author (1978) Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Bowie Kuhn former US baseball commissioner Gary Kurtz Oscar-nominated film producer Veronica Lake actress (1951) Lorenzo Lamas actor (2004) Cyndi Lauper rock star (1983) Anton LaVey Founder of the Church of Satan Stan Lee Comic book industry pioneer , co-creator "Spider Man," "The Incredible Hulk," "The X-Men" etc (2001) Jerry Lewis comic Jerry Lee Lewis famous Rock n’ Roll star Horace Liveright Publisher of the Modern Library series Meat Loaf rock star (1983) Ashley MacIsaac musician fiddler (2000) Jackie Mason comedian – entertainer Henry Mayhew Punch journalist Mindy McCready Country Music star , American author William McKinley 25th US President 1897-1901 Tom Metzger white supremacist Marvin Mitchelson celebrity divorce lawyer Melba Moore Singer - Actress Debelah Morgan Singer -Songwriter - Producer (2000) Lorrie Morgan Country music star, American Author Robert Morris Politician who financed Revolutionary War Levi P. Morton Vice President under Benjamin Harrison Motor City Five/MCS rock group of the 1960s (1970) John Nash British Regency architect Willie Nelson singer-songwriter-actor, American Author (1990) Wayne Newton singer-actor - entertainer (1992) Harry Nilsson singer/songwriter; Me and My Arrow F. Donald Nixon Nixon’s brother Immanuel Nobel father of manufacturers - philanthropist Alfred Nobel , who founded the Nobel Prize (twice - 1833/year Alfred was born, 1856/ when Alfred was 23) Mary Nolan actress (1931) Emperor Norton Emperor of the United States and protector of Mexico Ted Nugent Rock Star Kate O’Brien The Land of Spices novelist Thomas Paine Common Sense activist Johnny Paycheck country music star (1976) Tom Petty rock star (1979) Gaylord Perry baseball player Philip II King of Spain, 1556-1598 Buddy Post Lottery millionaire Susan Powter exercise/fitness expert, talk show host, best selling American Author (1995) Burt Prelutsky American television writer; screenwriter (1997) Randy Quaid actor Lynn Redgrave actress Rembrandt painter Tommy Rettig actor; Jeff Miller in Lassie Burt Reynolds Oscar-nominated actor - director , American Author (1995) Debbie Reynolds Oscar nominated actress-singer, American Author (1997) Mickey Rooney Oscar nominated actor, American Author (1962) Rick Ross Activist; cult expert, deprogrammer Harry Saltzman film producer (James Bond movies) (1975) Ray Sawyer rock star, member of "Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show" (1973) Oskar Schindler activist who saved over 1000 Jews from the Nazis Shenandoah country music band (1991) Billy Sims Detroit Lions RB Tom Sizemore Heat, Robbery Homicide Division actor Anna Nicole Smith Model-Actress, 1993 Playboy magazine "Playmate of the Year"(1996) Dee Snider frontman for Twisted Sister, musician Phoebe Snow Jazz vocalist Lynne Spears American author, mother of rock star Britney Spears (1998, filed with husband James prior to Britney's stardom) Leon Spinks boxer Sheryl Swoopes Three-time WNBA MVP J. Fife Symington Governor of Arizona (1995, while still in office) Lawrence Taylor NFL hall of famer Randall Terry Operation Rescue founder Nikola Tesla Invented alternating current Donald Trump billionaire entrepreneur TLC rock group (1995) Mark Twain Huckleberry Finn author Mike Tyson boxer (2003) Johnny Unitas legendary Hall of Fame football quarterback John Whitehead Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now, musician Oscar Wilde acclaimed poet and author James Wilson U.S. Supreme Court Justice 1789-1798 Tammy Wynette country music star (1988) Florenz Ziegfeld actor, the Ziegfeld Follies
  5. The crash is still happening, however things don't always fit the conventional
  6. Here’s the bad news - we’re doomed regardless of what the bank does…
  7. No matter what they tell us No matter what they do No matter what they teach us What we believe is true Sits back in his chair and waits for the headlines tonight
  8. Germans Announce, They Think It's All Over It is now Sorry had to get that in!
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7101132.stm Sorry if this has already been posted
  10. Helen Your as well placed as anyone to comment on this site!! (FTB) Just tell it as you see it
  11. Welcome. Not sure where you can get a copy “of on the treadmill”?? The only thing I could find was this http://www.abdn.ac.uk/sociology/onthetreadmill/ Can anyone else help??
  12. HPC is an Ark! Come on you’ve all seen it coming! When the floods recede we’ll send out a FTB (dove) to find a property a if it comes back with a mortgage we’ll know the land is cleansed. I’m sure we’ll also see plagues bird flu blue tongue Oh yes and we've had real floods in the UK! The HPC cult. By the way all you Lurkers well done for coming out of the shaddows, and for those of you still lurking come forward!!! Now is the Time!!! Regulars please think of some good reasons for the Lurkers to come forward. By the way looks like the people who have already come forward could really contribute to the discussions!!
  13. The way I see it your not on your own, People who I know who are bull to the core are even feeling it. E.G my friend and his wife just had another kid, need bigger house, can’t afford it because the next step on the ladder is just to far out of reach. Brother, BTL Scum sold his entire portfolio of two houses early this year as even he can see the coming disaster!! Don’t stay in the shadows! Edit - There is no ladder!
  14. Well done!! Now doesn' that feel better
  15. Big virtual round of applause for all you lurkers who have come forward They say admitting you’re a lurker is the first step. Just take it one post at a time. The rest of you lurkers come forward, HPC is like a big ship, by coming forward you will feel safe and warm when the crash comes. Mind you its already here so your feet are already wet. HURRY THERES NOT MUCH TIME!
  16. I wonder how many lurkers there are out there, Stand up and be counted! Then you can go back to your lurking ways. Seriously though I’m interested to know what the interest is in this site over and above the regular posters. Don’t care if you’re a bull or a bear just if you’re a lurker
  17. Good response!! If a tree falls in a wood and nobodys there ddoes it make a sound?
  18. To buy property what else. Now is the perfect time to buy!
  19. When you walk down the street and a gang of hoodies waving knifes about are stood in your path do you carry on walking? You don’t know what’s going to happen but you’ve got a bloody good idea its not going to be pretty Welcome and please feel free to offer a more balanced view.
  20. Simple isn’t it? By the time they cut the base rate all the banks will be in emergency loan status with the BoE at higher rates .So not high street cuts there then!
  21. Christmas 2007 – A T-shirts saying ‘Dear homeowners merry Christmas love HPC’ or a fan with some shit hitting it, and then a HPC slogan underneath Christmas 2008 – Same T-shirt with the revised famous HPC graph showing carnage! Talking of carnage, you know those adverts you get at Christmas for third world countries, we could have one showing pictures of sad BTL Mugs and that lass from the office looking sad around a second hand Christmas tree whilst the bailiffs are taking away her presents. My god another T-shirt – A buy to lets for life not just for Christmas! I love this post can you tell?
  22. Agree it's probably a lot more harder than my 1 to 10 steps but the fact remains it could be done if you wanted to. I know there are all sorts of loopholes with Ltd businesses, and think this is been done on mass. Banks have lent more and more recklessly over the past 5 years so why not exploit that? You hear of Ltd companies going under all the time and then they get bought back for a pound by the same person. Going back to my original post if there are a lot of people doing this and judging by other posts there are then there could be thousands of property sales not showing up on the land registry searches, meaning: 1. House prices could have been falling longer than we thought 2. No real shortage of properties 3. ??? anyone Excluded data The following are excluded from our figures 1. All commercial transactions 2. Before Jan 2000 - All sales below £10,000 and over £1million . (On line data for Jan 2000 onwards includes details of these sales). 3. Transfer, conveyances, assignments or leases at a premium with nominal rent which are: • ‘Right to buy’ sales at a discount • subject to a lease • subject to an existing mortgage • to effect the sale of a share in a property • by way of a gift • by way of exchange • under a Compulsory Purchase order • under a court order • to Trustees • Vesting Deeds • Transmissions or Assents • of more than one property • Leases for 7 years or less
  23. Doesn't need to does he? Just put it into administration? Can still keep the other company. Otherwise why not just stick to the first buisness plan and build sell build sell?
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