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  1. Ben is that you? Ben Andersen yes it is isn't it? Hi Ben regards to the wife, just tell her she'll never learn!
  2. http://www.rightmoveattraction.co.uk/brickormortis
  3. I have been accused by many of my friends and family as someone who sees the glass as half empty. I disagree with their assessment. I see the glass as it is OR There is no glass
  4. Chaos theory and the housing Market DISCUSS!
  5. Many UK homes are being prefabricated in China (used to be Germany) and shipped to the UK and cladded on site. The cost of these homes is a fraction of those built by our Polish immigrant friends. The cost of our homes is going down but we are were paying more. The cost of building our homes has gone down. The value has gone down, we pay less!
  6. Not wanting to sound paranoid BUT has the government employed David Blaine under the cover of Carl J to trick us into thinking prices will ever go back up? Be honest your all thinking they will! Prices only ever go down you just think they're going up. Think about it!
  7. does anyone have a tissue? i've just soiled the front of my pants!
  8. Swindle other people out of their money by asking for their bank account details over the phone
  9. But put it where?? who can we trust? Even my mattress lies to me! I'm sure I had 2k under there
  10. Lies! Lies Lies That's what :angry: But maybe they'll tell they truth! Or will they? Maybe they'll tell us the truth but then how will we really know
  11. Black Tuesday, Black Wednesday, Black Thursday, Black Friday, Glum Saturday, optimistic Sunday, Black Monday I've been in a coma since last July what the Hell happend? They said the good times would never end?
  12. Let them cut!! What will it do? Sky were already reporting if they cut it will send a signal of panic to the markets which it will. Let them do it!
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