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  1. This guy would have risen too far above his station if he had made treasurer of his local branch of the British Legion. For him to be chairman of a Commons select committee defies belief! He's a Nulabour moron trotting out a few phrases he's obviously been coached to repeat. Just listen to his answers - same phrases no matter what the question is. Moron.
  2. I've thought about this too - main difficulty was finding somewhere with proper Safety Deposit boxes in Scotland. Does anyone know of any. Also if the bank does go t**ts up then how are you going to get in to the box if the banks locked?
  3. A few weeks ago, I'd have thought the tin hatters were nuts .....but now I'm not so sure. Just spent £150 on enough tinned food to last a month and squirreled it away last night!!! Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it......
  4. How much are YOU paid an hour, just out of interest? Perhaps if you tell us that, we'll be able to see whether your horrible little posting has any value. You sound like a horrible little man though it has to be said.
  5. PG is back! Wher's he been? He's still a turkey mind you - but hey he's back!
  6. If anyone wants a laugh, have a look at their invester relations page on the corporate website and look at the details of their share buy back program for 2007 They bought literally millions of shares at approx £10.00 / share. Funny they could now buy them at less than £2.00 And we're supposed to let these people look after our money???? I'm beginning to think they could actually fold!!!
  7. Timberrrrrrrrr What happened to all the shares that weren't sold at the right issue? Anyone know? I assume the underwriters had to buy them but do they still own them now or have they gradually being selling them off in the intervening weeks - but I imagine that would have pushed the price down anyway?
  8. What kind of use of language and grammer is that? Aren't journalists required to have an education any longer?
  9. Totally agree. Drive a year 2000 W-reg. Quite often play the game of spot the older car when out and about - it can take hours! And this is in Glasgow not the South East. Where do all the new cars come from, and where do all the old cars go? Second hand cars seeme to have no value now once more than about 3 years old? Do all the folks driving about in 50 grand machines have their mortgages paid off and their pensions all sorted out? I wonder!?
  10. Hi not sure about a postcode search, first part of my code covers a huge area from excouncil Ned(Chav)ville to solid ex-mining community to nice old village to modern estates. It's North edge of Greater Glasgow. But in the village, I can tell you there are 7 detached/semi-detached houses for sale within 300m of me. The longest of which has been up for just coming up for a year, others between approx 2 - 8 months. As far as I can tell NONE of them are getting any interest and equally NONE of them have reduced the price yet!! I think it's obvious to everyone that something is wrong but people seem to be frozen in the headlights and unable to decide what to do. For reference in the previous 5 years, having more than 2 houses up for sale in the village simultaneously would have been unusual! It's all ground to a halt. Huge HPC must surely be next - don't let anyone tell you Scotland is immune. Be afraid!
  11. Isn't 275p the price of new shares in their rights issue? So if you can buy shares on the open market at less than you buy them in the rights issue, then............ Oooops!
  12. You are SO right! I've seen more humanity and understanding in one of those Japanese Sony robots!
  13. Eh?? What difference will computers and mobile phones make to anything?
  14. Sorry but you're wrong wrong wrong there. Very small catholic population in North of Scotland - especially the islands. Majority church is the Wee Free or Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. They hate Rome even more than Ulster's protestants! See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Presbyte...rch_of_Scotland
  15. Ahhhhh diddums what's wrong? Truth hurts does it? GROW UP!
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