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  1. Well, I eventually did 'beat the estate agent'. Sale now agreed at my negotiated price (prior to property being available for viewings to all and sundry).....will be exchanged by Christmas .............and even better than that .......no estate agent involved! Bliss! Both vendor & I are happy with price/conditions/blah/blah
  2. Well, property is for sale at 270K. Vendors (3 children) don't want the house hanging about. Vendors also happily admitted property wants totally gutting (nothing special,no upstairs loo, no gas to house, no central heating, etc, etc ex-council house semi). Offered 250K cash - exchange by xmas. Vendors declined. I'm stunned - cash buyer - no agent fees............ Is somebody really 'stupid' enough to pay over 250K when it wants realistically 30K worth of work doing (and we can do this work ourself & have costed it,not overcosted it), pay 3% stamp duty and then the cost of bringing the place up to date............I guess so..............What bloody house price crash... Oh, and it was the vendor who told me they hadn't signed up with the agent yet though house advertised. Would have made no difference to me wether it was through agent or not - though I have little time for agents
  3. When vendor asked me how i knew property was coming on for sale, I advised err, its on Rightmove. Vendor was surprised when I advised been on Rightmove for couple of weeks but agents not allowing any viewings yet (I know the reason for delay, which is shortly to be resolved).
  4. Viewed a house where the estate agent has advertised the property on the usual websites, produced the usual sales leaflet to hand out BUT vendor hasn't signed up with agent yet? Presumptious or stupid of agent??? I've managed to contact vendor direct, does vendor have any liability towards EA? I wouldn't have thought so
  5. I'm gutted!!!!! But lets be honest. Beerhunter has helped us all out so much. He does deserve a life after Property Bee. Darn shame, but hopefully someone will come along with the I.T. knowledge & a monthly service charge & PR can keep going. Beerhunter - did you not approach suitable sources? Would have thought PB could have been sold , not just given away. Youve worked tirelessly for all us for a long, long time & it would have been good to see you get some personal benefit out of it.
  6. Apologies. Wrongfully assumed same bungalow. Maybe found?/Not sure yet. As for the one that started at 520K, I'm 99% positive it could be bought at 30% off of that price, maybe even a bit more. I know the situ on it & the history behind it. Will keep you posted if I go for other one.
  7. I spotted the first one also. Located in Ongar. Not sure the road looks too good and also sure its cheaper if you go to John '????/ local agents website. Think its down to 319K. Was sold & now re-available. Pent-Up - I may have found a house...... BUT if I have - I can tell you where theres a steal of a deal - location & price (you & I looking same area). Keeping latter underwraps at mo, but started at 520K and now way, way, way down. Keep in touch very desperate sellers. Price not quite where I wanted , but as I say may have found something else now
  8. Difficult - detached mock tudor where I live - I'd have no chance of getting for 250!! If I'm seriously considering putting an offer in, I download the title deeds, speak to neighbours about area, do all the research you can. We're not even back to 04 prices where I live which is gutting for me............ Which houseprice calculator you using??? please Is it Nationwide?
  9. I agree entirely. You work all work - run round on Saturdays doing what you couldnt do during the week, shopping, etc. And then on Sundays when you have the time/motivation to go house hunting - all the agents are closed. Daft if you ask me
  10. solicitor is not going to be expert on CGT
  11. Be very careul. You haven't mentioned Capital Gains Tax. Whose name do you anticipate the deeds going in? Your name? In which case you may have a CGT liability on selling. This is a real minefield. I have a very similar scenario some years ago - be extremely careful. I actully got sound advise some years ago from 'This is money forums'. And I did it correct with no CGT liability, but that was years ago. Be extremely careful. You need to look into gifting, trusts, trust deeds & all sorts. Be careful you don't end up with a noose around your neck. If you can figure it out, then good for you, but again can't see ex-partner accepting less than half of open market price.
  12. I understand where your coming from on the better dollar rate, and I wish you the best of luck, but if it was me, I'd still be covering my bases..............You can contact currency exchange companys and negotiage a preferential exchange rate which you can lock into for a certain period of time. (I dont know the details of this, but just looking at options for you) Ya, I'm a long way from home. I miss it a lot.....but I get over there lots ....on a very regular basis...
  13. I'd do more than think long and hard on coming to the U.K. after living in Canada for 20 years. In my opinion your quality of life far surpasses the quality of life you will find in the U.K. As a Canadian living in the U.K., I'd honestly recommend that you live in the U.K. for one year complete before you up sticks and move over here. I think you may be disappointed
  14. Things that suck - living out of bags and boxes for 3.5 years cos I found this website!! (Put all my stuff in storage when I STR's) Refusing point blank to use my capital to rent, so roughing it as a lodger until 'the price is right' Actually I've had rather a blast using the interest travelling.
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