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  1. But those rates are miniscule, hardly a cause for celebration.
  2. Complete and utter horseshit. I rent here: http://whc.unesco.org/pg.cfm?cid=31&id_site=1028
  3. I most certainly have not Bubb as my previous posts on there will demonstrate. I am simply bored with having to recycle the same arguments with the assembled morons on the site. As for some of the pontificating on this thread, I would suggest you need to get out more. 'Desparate measure by a desparate person'. What utter horseshit.
  4. New build only. Key workers only. Get your facts right before wasting everyones time submitting poorly researched posts.
  5. Ironically, when looked at from the general economic standpoint, money invested in bricks and mortar is actually "dead money" - a term usually reserved by estate agents to describe renting. Quote of the year, surely.
  6. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/newspaper/0,,...1582905,00.html
  7. Great to see the original troll back on HPC. How is your bridge portfolio coming along these days?
  8. Hi BE, The commercial property market has a very different dynamic to that of residential; 1.) A large proportion of commercial property stock is owned by institutional investors (Prudential, Scottish Widows etc) who buy almost solely in cash, therefore they are not subject to the same pressures as leveraged investors. i.e they have the financial clout to cope with long void periods in offices ete. 2.) The average commercial lease has upward only rent review provisions, so falls in rents only start to affect investment performance once the lease comes to an end and a new tenant is required.
  9. If you're going to start posting mortgage offers don't you think you should detail the small print, tie-in, redemption penalties etc?
  10. Hi Boombust, As a fellow Bradfordian, I would say your description covers about 90% of our fair city. Interestingly, the areas within which I could consider buying have flatlined for almost a year now.
  11. They wouldn't need to raise ir's by anything like 3% to cause problems, its the percentage increase that counts, not the actual amount. Allow me to exp......ah sod it work it out yourself, its primary school maths.
  12. You posed a question and I responded. I am not debating the probability of events but pointing out a scenario under which it could happen. The fact that you seem to believe it is impossible merely underlines your naivety.
  13. If interest rate rises resulted in a large monthly loss the mortgagee could not cover. Apologies to all for pointing out the glaringly obvious, but apparently it does need explaining.
  14. Here's some excellent work done by one of TMF's regular posters on FTB numbers: http://boards.fool.co.uk/Message.asp?mid=9...t=whole#9232058
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