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  1. Most of the leavers I meet are frothing at the mouth about the whole thing and most of the remainers are what I would call in the "grudgingly remain" camp. Looking at many of the rabid comments on this thread is it any wonder that remainers don't stick their heads over the parapet when they don't feel as strongly about the whole thing anyway?
  2. Just lob it off the balcony surely?
  3. Genuine question - how the heck would you change the sheets on that bed? You can't pull the mattress out because it's already in the widest part of the room. You couldn't tuck new sheets in in-situ as you would need to kneel on the bed to reach the far corners so couldn't lift the mattress up to tuck the sheet under. Just stupid and impractical.
  4. hellsbells

    Salisbury Anyone?

    Surely that's the price for the entire block ???
  5. Definitely remember seeing this one before on hpc - maybe 18 months ago?
  6. hellsbells

    Fuel Poverty

    If they are that cold at night why don't they just double up on the bedding????? Years ago I used to have to sleep wrapped in a duvet inside a sleeping bag on the coldest nights - frost on the inside of the windows etc. As kids we used to have to sleep in our coats some nights - that was normal for a lot of people.
  7. hellsbells

    Turbo Htb South West?

    You've not been to Wiltshire for a while then
  8. Mmmm - just followed the links for a look - using children's gravestones to decorate the house - tells you everything you need to know about him really.
  9. hellsbells

    University Rent Strike - Merged

    Jesus wept. I just followed the links to look at the UCL website for the halls of residence prices. How can anybody normal afford to go there? Just as a comparison, I lived in intercollegiate halls in central London in the late 80s and it was £44 a week all in including food then. When renting privately the most I paid was £25 a week (and then got £4 of that back as rent rebate every week). Those colleges must be minting it.
  10. hellsbells

    Salisbury Anyone?

    Recently heard that DSTL are beginning the process of laying off loads of chemists and biologists and they are moving further and further into contracting out as much research as possible. That's potentially an awful lot of well paid local jobs going. Can anyone else confirm this?
  11. Why is there lino on the living room floor?
  12. hellsbells

    Daft Over-Speccing In Cornwall

    Mmmm looks like blue lias flagstone floor. I'd love that, can't afford though.
  13. Can't get on the Nationwide log-in. Apparently there have been problems all day and payments and transfers have not been processed - lots of angry people online right now.
  14. Wasn't the £5 spend at Waitrose to get the free newspaper? They still hand out a paper cup for the coffee machine at the door at our nearest Waitrose but you have to buy something to eat with it if you want to sit in the cafe. Seems reasonable enough, sometimes it's a really good cup of coffee.
  15. hellsbells

    Damien Hirst, Property Tycoon

    I really can't get my head round the psychology of this - what is the point of "owning" so much? I get having a nice pad in London and having a countryside pad somewhere by the sea and getting a house for your Mum if you can afford it, but really what is the point of having all those places? He can't possibly get round and use them all. If I had that many millions going spare I think I'd want to sink it into some socially useful legacy rather than a pointless property portfolio.

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