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  1. A further dumbing down of society. As if this forum wasn't dumb enough.
  2. Where I live the council has admitted to finding dozens of multi-occupancy garden sheds and homes. Due to man-power, they will now only investigate multi-occupancy sheds and 3 storey houses (not 1 or 2 storey). For a while the bungalow next door to me had a Polish husband/wife and child living in a 12ft by 10ft living room.
  3. Don't expect any change ever. Only a change for the worse. It's going to get much worse before it gets any better.
  4. Our mums, dads, and grandparents have stitched us up big time! Hurrah for them!
  5. It wasn't until Labour/Bliar courted Murdoch that they had any chance of gaining power. Murdoch is one of the world's most influential and influencing of people. And his allegience is to his fellow elite.
  6. What significance was that? That slavery is legal therefore right? That going against the electrorate is legal therefore is right? Come on, find your pills, furnish me with more details.
  7. I can see that someone was trying so desperately overcompensate for that Desmond.... oh the shame! Yes hug me. Buy me a TuTu. Slap my **** and call me Mable. My horse has bolted from the stable.
  8. Semantics. Remember that detail thing? Have you taken your Ritalin?
  9. I have a 2:1 red brick BEng Hons and an Imperial MEng. I am too old to be a graduate and my experience in manufacturing is not much called for now that we make everything in China. As for the junk about doctorates. I know plenty that are working at below or average wage in fields other than their specialism. In short, you are talking wide-eyed and Bushy-Tailed as if you are still in our education system or have only just left to start your first job. Bless. [[[[[pats your head]]]]]
  10. Exactly. I resent this huge army of underclass that have suddenly appeared in my midst. I hear many of the same viewpoints as mine from my previously immigrant neighbours. What is happening now with regards immigration is unprecedented, uncontrolled, and amounts to nothing more than legalised, sanctioned, and blessed slavery. A means to halt salary increases, divide people, and gerrymander. Globalisation grows economies, though the benefit to ours of this influx is credibly contested. The devil is always in the detail. Answer me this, would you feel uncomfortable if several houses in your street had Poles living multi-occupancy? What about if a neighbour began homing a few in a shed in the garden? That some Poles may benefit still doesn't make what we are doing right. People should consider why most of Europe choose not to do the same as us. Government's appear to be far more respectful of their electrorates wishes in France and Germany than in the UK. Lobbies run all governments, but ours is especially corrupted. We live in a fascist state, since our state has melded with corporate interests and is run primarily for those interests. Which is why I have never voted, despite being in my 30's.
  11. Hmmm Scousers or Poles? Scousers or Poles... I think Scousers, cos at least they didn't steal jobs! boom tish.
  12. ROTFLMAO! You are Victor Meldrew's Dad and I claim my £5, or £10 dollars and 2 cents.
  13. Yes, because we can trust bankers like the Rothschilds can't we? ............ Labour only became electable when they surrendered themselves to the banks and other ruling elite e.g. Murdoch
  14. Most of the white people where I live in Sluff are Polish. I doubt that I am exaggerating. I think that EE's coming here and stealing jobs amounts to the same thing as scabs crossing a picket line, but obviously it's employer lobbies that have caused governments to open us up in this way. We should have been even more inventive with our benefits. Minimum wage plus dole or help with housing, that kind of thing, rather than fill up on slaves who are prepared to live many to a room or shed... We have well and truly shafted our upcoming generations. Well done.
  15. A hateful brain disease and Lowestoft pretty much amount to the same thing. I'd like to see some real stats here, or at least some educated analysis. I suspect that a large proportion of our taxes just pays off interest, but again I just add to the speculation and fiction in this right said Fred...
  16. except the underclass are no longer restricted to areas like Liverpool.... They are everywhere, dressed in cheap JJB tracksuits and trainers.
  17. Yep, GCSE's, A levels, NC's, degrees, masters, doctorates... are all essentially worthless. Employers want very specific experience and will wait to get it.
  18. 20 to start. 24 in central London. 30 after 6 years. 30 is effectively the ceiling, because complexity obscures further advances. In England and Wales teaching is a 45-60 hour per week job. Holidays are unpaid.
  19. I met a teacher recently with 25 years of teaching experience, in his early 50's, who has just retrained to be a plumber, self-employed. 10% of applicants to drive tube trains are graduates. The guy that fitted my double glazing is on £60k per year. There aren't really any apprenticeships anymore, which is why as many as 1/3 of our young men between 16 and 30 are unemployed. Hence why our crime rate is so high.
  20. They already do. Go into Slough unemployment office and observe.
  21. We should just revert to living like animals. I'd be the lord of the jungle that way, not our skinny pampered ruling elite. I'd roam the countryside with a big club, my huge wiggly waving between my legs like a knotted rope.. and if I liked the look of your woman or pork chop, I'd take her/it from you. Bish bish splat. Ug.
  22. Some good analysis on there... bookmarked. cheers.
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