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  1. Just FYI - The Gold Coast (Queensland) is dodgy as ******. They run a two tier real estate market there where locals are charged one price and holiday makers / out of town investors another (higher) price. That scam has been going for years. The marks change (Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand) but the scam remains the same. They will fly in "investors" with the lure of a free holiday and then give them the hard sell. The Gold Coast (aka Goldy) also has crap employment prospects, a hx of crap local government and a violent crime problem compounded by the fact that it is on the border of Qld and NSW. New South Welshman will pop across the border, commit some violent crime then pop back across out of reach of the Queensland Police. The more violent thugs fly in from Sydney for a bit of fun. One ethnic gang has a distinctive tattoo of an AK47 as a motif. The Gold Coast economy is based pretty much on tourism which offers terrible employment opportunities. Also the Goldy has an annual "Schoolies" event where graduating high school students from all over the East Coast of Australia descend en-mass and drink to excess and let their hormones run wild. Many a girl returns from the experience with a "surprise". The schoolies event attracts "toolies" who are non-school leavers who receive all the blame for the trouble. So if you are at the Gold Coast - don't buy a place until you've really done your research
  2. Here are two different views on the housing market in Australia - Realistic vs Property is the path to untold riches no questions asked The government is doing everything in it's power to prevent any correction in the market. We're enjoying the same VI spin, the same corruption as you lot did in the UK. The word on the street is "recession". That is, people are talking about it in general conversation. Also the "It's different here because we export to China" has been proven to be a fantasy.
  3. Limiting the number of lurkers would help. There are 850+ people viewing the forum - 200 members.
  4. Feel free to **** off then. Don't waste another minute reading this site and go off and borrow shed loads of money to buy a couple of BTL's
  5. Mike Moore owns shares in Haliburton. Enough said
  6. The US has problems with their credit reporting agencies. It can be very bad for individuals if the agency has the wrong information. They refuse to delete the wrong information but add a notation saying that bit of info is wrong. Any old how these agencies have lists of "important people". Those on "that" list have their records meticulously checked to ensure they are accurate and should there be a problem it is sorted out very quickly and politely. Hence the politicians and other powerful people don't know what the fuss is So if politicians were issued with ID cards as a trial system it'd work a treat. Even if they had to hire 20 of the nations best and brightest to monitor each record 24:7
  7. ****** The Police in Melbourne (Australia) went on strike in the old days. The lot of them were sacked and private citizens stood up to the plate until the government hired new goons. Worse comes to worse the powers that be would just chuck soldiers on the street corners.
  8. My bank allows me to allocate a "nickname" to each of my accounts. My Visa is called "Visa Slave Card" My Car Loan is called "Stupid loan to buy a shit box" My savings account "More fees please" Recently had to get some over counter stuff done. The bank johnny arched his eyebrows
  9. Don't buy any gold if it's not right for you
  10. TUT TUT - Common sense and well thought out posts are not Kosher on political threads
  11. Bla bla bla Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fire bombing of Tokyo, deliberately strafing fleeing Korean Refugees, Water boarding, enemy non-combatants, just a damn piece of paper, no-knock warrants, , Dresden , police brutality, , , bla bla bla our ship don't stink
  12. Germany also suffered because the grease and oil for their vehicles and weapons froze whereas the Russians didn't With corrections FWIW - WTF are Israeli's doing supplying arms? Aren't they receiving huge amounts of military "aid" courtesy of the US taxpayer?
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