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  1. Where is the money going to come for a pension and benefits rise.
  2. Can we scrap that old boiler Harriet Harman then, what could we get, £2
  3. If the Uk loses its AAA rating, game over, we would be well and truly up shiite creek without a paddle. On the other hand it would effectively put this Govt in its Grave with the coffin lid firmly nailed down.
  4. Well said, if Darling does manage to piss off the bankers rest assured, WE will be the ones who will get it in the neck. Shooting yourself in the foot in one thing, cutting off thy nose to spite face is another.
  5. We kind of need banks and bankers, NuLabour well could we just send them to some arid rock somewhere with no connection to a mainland for 50 years.
  6. except they wont, plenty of places with open arms for them, dont kid yourself, they leave you and i will be making up the tax shortfall, no mistake, be careful what you wish for. Reform by all means but all out assault and demonizing on one sector of people only will bring bad results for everyone. i do hope Osbourne uses the phrase "best placed to weather the recession, my ar se." phrase today.
  7. of course, they could promise pie in the sky they still wont be delivering anything to damage an election run, they really are the worst sort of slime.
  8. more than pathetic and a placebo considering he will probably not be the one reducing it.
  9. Frankly Darling and Brown have created one big clusterf£ck. No way we are out of recession this year, manufacturing is in terminal state, the banks are in revolt. This is not a funny situation, Brown is f$cking with the recovery for personal election gain.
  10. Cutting his own throat here, this would kill off the city of London, is he out of his freaking mind. Gordon Brown really does not want to start a war with these guys. These guys could cripple the economy even further just to get rid of you.
  11. Mrs Bear you will be pleased to know Woolas has only a 3000 majority and i will be watching in hope his smug backside gets a rather large boot up it.
  12. Simple answer, they know they are at the fag end of their Labour Govt gravy train and will be probably sacked and replaced under the tories, they are paying themselves huge govt bonuses before they get booted out on their backsides.
  13. it gets worse, 40,000 files discovered not dealt with by commons report? Whattttttttttttttttttttttttttt? MPs have called into question high bonuses at the UK Border Agency (UKBA), despite noting it has a "long way to go". Former home secretary John Reid condemned the Home Office, whose duties included managing migration issues, as "not fit for purpose" in 2006. The subsequent creation of the UKBA has not yet solved the problem. It emerged that 40,000 immigration files from 2003 have not yet been dealt with. "We are astonished that such a large number of files—40,000—should have been, in effect, abandoned incomplete," the Commons' home affairs committee report stated. "We sincerely hope that this is the last batch of unresolved cases to discover." The committee, preferring administrative action, said the government's policy of legislating on immigration was now wrongheaded. There have been eight immigration acts in recent years and a further bill is proposed. "The recent discovery of these immigration cases shows that the agency still has a long way to go before it is operating as efficiently and effectively as it needs to do," it added. "Despite this, in 2007–08 29 employees received bonuses totalling £295,000." http://www.politics.co.uk/news/communities-and-local-government/border-agency-fit-for-bonuses-not-purpose-$1345994.htm
  14. Having now managed to find out who. Only 29 senior officials will pocket £295,000 in bonuses. Thats approximately a £10,000 bonus each in their pay packets. Er how is this different to Banker bonuses. Getting money for what exactly because it sure as hell aint performance based. I'm frankly disgusted, why are we paying public servants outrageous bonuses like this.
  15. Hasnt seemed to have bothered Brown the last 12 years with Bankers raking it in, only now when its politically correct for him to do so, he threatens it, no wonder the bankers are angry, they were let away with it for so long, they got used to it. Would not surprise me if the bankers deliberately threw RBS to the wall to screw Brown.
  16. wouldnt surprise me, if Darling and Browns rant on the bankers causes the board to quit, the shares then tank because of it, the bank collapses and boom. Brown and Darling are playing a dangerous game tbh.
  17. Wow, have we reached the 100th death of an immigration officer....Woolas is a pile of you know what. The man doesnt know when to shut up. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/6759732/Home-Office-Minister-attacked-after-claiming-immigration-officials-risk-lives.html Phil Woolas, the Home Office Minister, has been condemned after he claimed immigration officials were ''putting their lives on the line'' for the country. Mr Woolas said staff at the UK Border Agency were ''very brave'' as he sought to defend bonuses of £295,000 for senior officials. Tory MP Patrick Mercer, a former British Army Officer said: ''I think this is another extraordinary statement. It is a very hard thing to swallow for our fighting forces to be compared to an immigration service about which most of us have the gravest of doubts. ''It's deeply insensitive to make those statements the day after the 100th member of the Armed Forces was killed in Afghanistan this year.'' Mr Woolas made the comments on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme following the publication of a highly critical report by MPs into the immigration system. The Home Affairs Select Committee report said UKBA was still ''not fit for purpose'' years after revelations about foreign prisoners and the backlog of asylum claims. Mr Woolas told presenter John Humphreys: ''I think the UK Border Agency should be praised - they are very brave men and women who protect our borders and they are getting on top of the situation. ''The chair of the (Home Affairs) Select Committee has said we are not yet fit for purpose and I'm defending my staff who put their lives on the line for us.'' The committee's chairman, Keith Vaz, said it was ''astonishing'' that bonuses were paid despite an embarrassing new discovery that officials had lost track of tens of thousands of immigrants. Earlier this year officials admitted there were 40,000 cases, most more than six years old, where there was ''no formal record'' of whether immigrants had left the country. Mr Woolas's comments follow an earlier gaffe when he claimed British troops were in Afghanistan in part to help control immigration into Britain.
  18. Never understood why someone got that much for kicking a ball around.
  19. Well hopefully as a parting shot, RBS spill the beans on Brown and Darling and then it would be perfect.
  20. That craphole of a bank should'nt exist, it should be allowed to bomb as a stark warning as to this is what happens when you are a shit business. Why should we prop up worthless businesses, let them go to the wall.
  21. The thing is that pisses me off is that Brown and Labour have the banks run amok and let them have the power to make sure everything we do or buy or utilise has to be paid through a bank, bills, credit, atms....and now they moan that the banks have too much control. I long for the days i didnt have to have a frigging bank account to pay a bil, that i cant pay bills in cash, no thats too difficult these days. Now you cant have anything without the bank knowing about it, how about stopping that crap first Darling and get us back to cash and out of the banks grubby hands.
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