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  1. Basically as I seem to be reading everywhere, no one is buying jacksh£t at the minute, not even the sales.
  2. Yeah we have the Hogwarts School of Economics going, Brown has managed to sustain an economy with nothing but Turd. Well, you know what happens to Turds when they get exposed to extreme heat, yes you got it, they dry up and disintegrate!
  3. I wouldnt piss on Labour if the whole lot lot of them were on fire. Oh and I certainly would not vote for them either, complete bunch of lying scumbags. The decent rebel wing of Labour got stubbed out by Blair, Claire Short, Glenda Jackson,Robin Cook, Diane Abbot. Nuuulabour can go to hell.
  4. Theres major sh$t going on I reckon. Just had some moron on CNN saying, i think we are near the bottom, funny thought thats been said every day now, lol.
  5. its dropping like a stone and they are all looking very very worried, apparently hovering around that 10% drop they call a "correction" If it keeps this up, it will go into freefall. This looks nasty.
  6. Theres some moron on Bloomberg from Lloyds tsb and he's trying to paint it as all rosy, going on about no more rate rises and the market is all fine , move along nothing to see here attitude and you can tell by his voice he doesnt believe a word of it.
  7. Trust me, Banks are as bad as Goodfellas, Banks will stiff you, rip you off, send the bailiffs and then stick you in jail. Goodfellas whack you when you don't pay, Banks however will hound and hound you until you jump of the bridge or the roof, then go after your family when they inherit the debt. To me theres no difference.
  8. Really aint surprised at Northern Rock, they have been one of the loosest lenders along with Barclays for years. I call them subprime banks. Barclays was one you could throw a dead 82 yr old grannys name at and they would give you a credit card. Northern Rock is known as one bank you would go to if you needed easy credit. It all comes back in your face eventually.
  9. I've just looked at my 6 month high rate deposit account terms with Lloyds, and they are only liable for compensation of 100% of your first £2000 deposits and then 90% of your next £33000. So in reality they only have to pay back £31700 of your total deposits if they run into trouble. I'm not happy with that seeing as there's £60K in that one account alone. Funny they never mention this when you deposit it. Mind you my own fault for not asking!
  10. Not going to happen, a lot can happen and will between now and Oct 25th and Brown knows it.
  11. I'm somewhat very heartened by the fact that looking around at all the major news sites, Times and BBC etc etc, theres not one person believing one word of this inflation figure or that the current financial picture is rosy. All the comments range along the lines of "do they think we are stupid" or "did someone pluck the figure out of midair" to "what a load of crap" and "are they looking at the right country". Could make for interesting times if the sheeple begin to wake and thinks its a load of old codswhallop.
  12. Forgot about that didnt our Merv say last week, he didnt expect inflation to drop below 2.0 for quite some time or something like that. Looks like we have Harry Potter at the BOE and the PM of Magic in No 10.
  13. Amazing how this unbelievable figure just appears right now, call me cynical. The expert on Sky News just as much hinted at "what a load of old ^^^^". How can they honestly think we are going to believe that figure when everything flies in the face of it.
  14. Oh i'd take that with a pinch of salt, just wait until more little releases of info start coming out and it'll be Whoops, there goes the stock markets knickers. It will only take a few more bits like last week to send it into full swing decline.
  15. Hehe sounds like no early election then, or with a bit of luck Labour will be forced out of office for economic maladministration.
  16. What a bunch of obedient little Labourites running the MPC, they are just prolonging the inevitable and make the pain much much worse to swallow. Never mind a 0.25, should have been a 0.5 increase.
  17. West of west hampstead, that be the tower blocks of Kilburn then
  18. nah its been very stable for a long time, and it only knocked noughts off when they changed from million to 1, made no difference in value. As anywhere you have to watch the exchange rates and chage at the right time. Its doing me fine.
  19. Honest to god, i put £48500 into turkish lira and live of the interest. They pay me the interest every month, currently 17% plus 3% bonus per annum. so thats 131000 lira and they pay me 2200 lira a month in interest, thats about £800. You have to be smart and watch it, i bought my lira at 2.7 lira to the pound, if it drops to 2.3 lira to the pound,(its currently 2.5) then i make about £12000 in one swoop. Turkey is a great place to put money into Lira and sit back and rake in the interest.
  20. Very good point, and actually I dont see why we can't follow all other friends in a lot European countries and block benefits for 7 years. The worst place for this is Camden. The situation in the Uk is reaching fever point and sooner or later the big explosion is going to occur within the populace.
  21. This is precisely why I am in favour of bringing back some form of national or community service to the UK. For 1 it teaches discipline, a work ethic and gives young people goals. Sitting on your backside never helped anyone. 2 years in the army, navy or airforce, and if that doesnt appeal, hospital or community work. I live out here in Turkey and they have to go by the time they are 18 for 3 years in the army and by heck they come back disciplined and nothing workshy about them.
  22. ROTFLMAO So funny, Thats why i wouldnt let a 16 yr old wide boy in a suit anywhere near my house when i was selling it. I always made sure I was there. In the end me and the buyer just talked to each other, negotiated the deal and the EA got nearly 10 grand for just sending them round to the house. I actually asked and got a 10% discount on the premise they actually did sod all. Nearly fell thru the floor
  23. I'm living in Turkey at present been here for 3 years and they pay 20% interest rate on long term deposits, go figure when the UK pays you 5%.
  24. so if 78% is made up of household bills, this is frightening. How do you manage to go anywhere or buy anything?
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