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  1. Sky News reporting that the NOTW has emails from Mandelson to aides saying Brown can’t win an election. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Politics/...ws_Of_The_World Lord Mandelson does not believe Gordon Brown can win a general election, according to leaked emails published in the News of the World. In the emails, which the paper claims were written to former spin doctor Derek Draper in January last year, he also criticises the Prime Minister's leadership style. News of the World have emails from Mandelson, saying that Brown could not win a general election, as he was a complex man, unable to hide his insecurities… What next....................... Flipping hilarious. A cabinet of backstabbers, Browns back must have more knives than the Queens state banquets.
  2. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics...cond-homes.html Gordon Brown claimed parliamentary expenses for his constituency home in Scotland while he was billing the taxpayer for a flat in London, The Daily Telegraph can disclose. Mr Brown, who "flipped" the designation of his second home before moving into Downing Street, submitted an estimated electricity bill for his home in Fife which partly covered a period when his London flat was his designated second home. He also claimed for council tax and service charge bills for his London flat which included periods when his second home was in Scotland. Mr Brown – who claimed more than £28,000 in second home allowances after moving into a grace and favour apartment in Downing Street in 2006 – has agreed to repay some money after he referred the matter to the parliamentary fees office. He has admitted making three separate mistakes on his expenses. It is a humiliating blow for the Prime Minister, who publicly rebuked Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, this week for doing a similar thing. Mr Darling appeared on live television to "unreservedly apologise" for claiming a £1,004 service charge bill for his London flat which covered several months when his designated second home was in Downing Street. He repaid £668. The news that Mr Brown overclaimed on his expenses will further weaken his position, and will strengthen the hand of ministers whose own questionable expense claims might have been used as a reason to remove them. A detailed analysis of Mr Brown's expense claims also reveals that the Prime Minister claimed £30 on his office expenses for the cost of hiring a bagpiper to play at a ceremony for veterans. (cheap ba£tard) Mr Brown had only switched his designated second home from London to Scotland on September 18, meaning the first 77 days of the bill related to a period when his London flat was his designated second home. If the bill is divided into equal amounts for each day, Mr Brown had claimed for £334.59 of electricity when Fife was not his designated second home. Mr Brown said the bill was an estimate and that most of the electricity was used in the winter months, but agreed to repay £95 "for the avoidance of doubt". The second electricity bill submitted with the same January, 2007, claim was for £12.25. The same bill was submitted with another claim in April, 2007, and Mr Brown was paid twice for it. At the beginning of the 2006-07 financial year, Mr Brown claimed £1,098.33 in advance for a whole year's council tax on his London flat. When he "flipped" his designated second home to Fife, he repaid £487 to cover the six and a half months when Fife was his second home. Mr Brown calculated this repayment by adding up the payments for April to mid-September and returning the balance. However, council tax is charged in 10 monthly instalments, meaning Mr Brown did not take into account the fact that no payments were due in February or March. As a result he repaid only 44 per cent of the bill, even though he was living in Scotland for more than half the year. Mr Brown's council tax bill works out at £3 per day, and Scotland was his designated second home for 194 days, meaning he should have repaid £582, rather than £487, a difference of £95. Mr Brown denies any wrongdoing in relation to his council tax bill, a position that was reinforced by the fees office. On July 9 2006, Mr Brown submitted a claim which included an invoice for £581, covering service charge, insurance and ground rent on his London flat from June 24 to September 29. Because Mr Brown switched his designated second home to Scotland on September 18, the costs of the London flat were covered for 12 days when it was not his designated second home - an overpayment of £71. Mr Brown said that he had already repaid £86.88 last month "for the avoidance of doubt". Mr Brown, whose expenses were first examined by The Daily Telegraph almost a month ago, has already repaid a £153 plumber's bill for which he claimed twice. The Prime Minister also paid his brother, Andrew Brown, £6,577 over 26 months from his second home allowance to cover his share of the costs of a cleaner they shared. The Daily Telegraph does not allege that the Prime Minister's brother received any improper benefit from the claim for cleaning services. Mr Brown flipped the designation of his second home from London to Scotland 10 days after Tony Blair ann-ounced he would be stepping down. It meant he was able to carry on claiming a second home allowance after he moved into Downing Street. A spokesman for Mr Brown said: "Mr Brown is following all the rules and procedures of the fees office and has already apologised for any inadvertent mistakes. If, of course, the full investigation that Mr Brown has ordered (that will apply to every MP) suggests that there is any adjustment which needs to be made, he will make it." The spokesman added that Mr Brown would have been "equally happy" to pay the piper out of his own pocket.
  3. Labour getting murdered up in Lincolnshire, vote has collapsed and Tories making substantial gains. Tories up 14 so far, Labour down 13 seats and thats only 25 seats declared. Tories 21 , labour 3, 1 IND. Absolute wipeout
  4. Sky reporting that Purnell was offered Education,told Brown to stuff it, so where was slimy Balls going then?
  5. by the way i read earlier that the only reason Balls is up for the chancellors job is that Brown can't get anyone else to take it, he has to sack Darling but No one will take on the "poison" office.
  6. 2 More little piggies gone Patricia Hewitt doing the "need to spend more time with family" line David Chaytor is "spending more time with his phantom mortgages"
  7. Did anyone just see the Sky interview from Boulton with Brown, car crash tv, Brown looked like he wanted to murder Boulton live on air. Brown is on the precipice of going complete loonet tunes. You can see he's paranoid that everyone's got it in for him. I wonder what he said to Boulton afterwards but i bet it consisted of many 4 letter words and the room rather blue.
  8. more than likely, they suck at the teat of Labours disgrace and follow its orders like nazis at camps.
  9. because its one thing people thinking it but they hide their head and plug their ears going la la la la la. When they hear it, they turn rabid and start chucking mentals. Obama is not the brightest of creatures. However though Govt's have to keep up some confidence, this doesnt instill confidence.
  10. Elaborate fraud uncovered. http://scotlandonsunday.scotsman.com/lates...from.5297666.jp HE curious case of a luxurious £1,124 bed that travelled from Glasgow to London has uncovered a bizarre expenses pact that was brokered by two Labour MPs when they shared a second home in the capital. For a year Michael Connarty MP and Ian Davidson MP shared a London flat, provoking comparisons to "The Odd Couple" played by Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. While there they brokered an expenses agreement that saw furniture being ferried across the country courtesy of the Westminster allowances system. Scotland on Sunday can reveal that Connarty claimed a £1,124 bed on his expenses, which was delivered to the Glasgow flat of his friend and colleague Davidson. The peculiar arrangement was part of an agreement that was reached between the two politicians when Connarty was Davidson's tenant in London. Instead of him paying Davidson rent, it was decided that Connarty should put furniture bought by his politician landlord on his Commons' expenses. Connarty defended his use of taxpayers' money saying that he did not think that his MP's salary of £64,000 was "a lot of money". "I do not agree with the argument that I'm a better MP than you, because I'm a cheaper MP. I've been 17-years an MP and I've worked my butt off. At the end of the day I don't think that £64,000 is a lot of money. Read on..........................
  11. I'd say drop like a bloody stone, is Obama dumb or what.
  12. theres one thing to know it but another to scare the sheet out of the sheeple by saying it, Obama is making a huge mistake in saying it.
  13. If I was Jim Devine, I would be getting myself a lawyer pretty sharpish. http://www.sundayherald.com/news/heraldnew...hantom_firm.php Thieving Fraduing Scottish labour MP trougher Scots MP claimed £2000 for electrical work carried out by ‘phantom firm’ One such enterprise appears to be Eastern Electrical Ltd, a firm whose name is printed on an invoice submitted as part of Scottish Labour MP Jim Devine's second home claims. The £2157 repairs bill was dated June 2007 and paid by the Westminster Fees Office a month later, according to Devine's end-of-year allowances statement. However, a Sunday Herald investigation can reveal that there are serious doubts over whether Eastern Electrical Ltd has ever existed. Fresh from the scandal of MPs billing the taxpayer for so-called "ghost mortgages" - where the public was meeting the cost of politicians' home loans that had already been paid off - this fresh invoice now raises the prospect of the country's elected representatives being reimbursed by the taxpayer for services provided by phantom firms. The invoice supporting the claim is in the name of London-based Eastern Electrical Ltd. However, there is no record of it being registered at Companies House, the official government database of UK firms. The only company of the same name registered was based in Norwich, but it went bust in 1999, six years before Devine became an MP. A spokesman for Companies House said: "It cannot claim to be a British company with limited liability without being registered at Companies House." The address and postcode on the firm's invoice deepen the mystery. Although the address given is "76 Wilstone House, Southark Bridge Road", there is no Southark Bridge Road in the United Kingdom. More seriously, the invoice contains bogus VAT details. All VAT registration numbers are calculated according to an established formula, which in the case of Eastern Electrical Ltd has been ignored. A spokesman for HMRC said: "That VAT number has never been valid. It does not adhere to the way VAT numbers are registered. Anyone passing off a business with an invalid VAT number is clearly chancing their arm. Effectively, it is fraud."
  14. Oh great, the very people we need to run the country in the future and he wants them to go off somewhere. Problem is Gordo, when they do go off for a spell, they DONT COME BACK. What about encouraging all those people that are here benefit stripping or cutting immigration so our kids get a head start in the employment field. This govt's suggestion for our hard trained Grads to go off and work elsewhere beggars belief.
  15. Khalid Mahmood seems to be one of the worst hypocrites, a trougher and a hypocrite. He was boinking a jewish girl, Elaina Cohen, (betting his fundie muslim constituents are not going to like that one) who he had as his mistress behind his partners back and then hiding themselves under false names in the hotel so constituents wouldnt find out and then claimed it on expenses and then had the cheek after he'd done with her to derail her nomination for a ward in Birmingham for being "too white and jewish" for its constituents so as he could get rid of her and distance himself as far as possible. Sounds like a real nice guy, he didnt mind boinking her but when it came to people knowing she was "too white and jewish". This one could get nasty. Politics in the middle of a nasty breakup. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/...girlfriend.html and from April 29th 2009 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11...h-selected.html
  16. The sh$t really hitting the fan in the Cabinet. Grab some popcorn, somehow i knew this was going to happen. Ferrets in a sack, its each man or woman for themselves, they know the game is up and prepared to knife Brown openly. Looks like a “if we go, you go” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11...ht-survive.html Brown faces cabinet revolt as Hazel Blears and senior ministers fight to survive expenses scandal Gordon Brown was facing a cabinet in revolt tonight as Hazel Blears and other senior figures took a defiant stand against moves to shift or demote them in the Prime Minister’s next reshuffle. Friends of Ms Blears made clear that she is prepared to embarrass Mr Brown if she is ill treated. ‘She knows where the bodies are buried, that’s certainly true,’ one said. But it is not just Ms Blears who will fight to keep her job, potentially derailing Mr Brown’s efforts to reshape his team. The Chancellor is also resisting any move amid Whitehall talk that the Prime Minister would like to replace him with his most trusted ally Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary. The Foreign Secretary David Miliband is also fighting behind the scenes to resist a campaign by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, who has long dreamt of taking his post. An ally of Mr Miliband added: ‘David doesn’t want to move and he’s not the only one.’ The source warned that Mr Brown might find several cabinet ministers prepared to wreck his reshuffle rather than accept a demotion or sideways move.
  17. Troughing gits. Out out out and she's a bloody housing minister. Some example, like she gives a crap about people on the housing ladder. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics...s-expenses.html Alan and Ann Keen, the husband and wife Labour MPs, claimed almost £40,000 a year on a central London flat although their family home was less than 10 miles away. The MPs bought the apartment overlooking the Thames in 2002 and have been claiming close to the maximum allowance since then. Records show that in some months they also both tried to claim back the full amount of council tax on the property. Mrs Keen is a junior health minister. Nicknamed “Mr and Mrs Expenses” by the press prior to The Daily Telegraph’s investigation, the two MPs have been married since 1980 and represent neighbouring constituencies.
  18. fun tomorrow folks Now their injunction has apparently failed Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper will feature prominently in tomorrow’s Telegraph “couple’s edition”. The money grabbing Winertons along with Labour’s piggy Keen couple. David Blunkett Peter Hain, Ben Bradshaw, Dougie Alexander, Tessa Jowell, David Lammy, Martin Salter, John Reid, The Speaker again, Beerly Hughes, Dianne Abbott and some other Labour pigs are coming in the next frew days.
  19. Apparently its back to Labour on Thursday and also apparently Diane Abbott's expenses are a treat to read, taxi bills from hell. Using taxis to drop kids off to school and everything. Should be hilarious. ITV news has just said, Libdems tomorrow then the worst expenses of all will be coming....like we said Balls, cooper, purnell, wintertons, cant wait for this lot.
  20. aha...jut on sky labour already in panic and the chief whips “trying” to organize emergency paybacks from labour mps, the cameron press conference just made them crap themselves. Good luck because i bet they wont repay a single thing on the labour side unless they are tortured into it.
  21. Cameron's doing something, more than Brown ever will, expect Nokias and printers to fly en mass today. Actually, Cameron sounds very angry and taking thi serious, now Labour back in your court.
  22. UPDATE: David Cameron has called a meeting of the Parliamentary Party for 2pm. He's about to read the riot act to them all. He's been at the commons all morning with party lawyers and is expected to talk deselection. Apparently he's furious and about to do some major dishes of punishment.
  23. Tomorrow will be much worse Telegraph sources have told ConHome that there's much worse to come tomorrow for the Conservative Party as attention shifts from the Tory frontbench to the backbench. Right, lets get it all out and Cameron start warming up the shotgun to sack a few mps.
  24. I know Brown had 4 days to apologize and didnt and now looks the idiot bcause it now looks like he's only doing it because Cameron apologised first.
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