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  1. and the farce continues.... Cyprus Finance Minister just ordered all banks to stay closed until Thursday. So none reopening tomorrow or Wed.
  2. What an idiot... Djsselbloem's 'sort it out yourself' remarks appears to have pushed European banks index down 7 percent ... Dijsselbloem did well - smacked estoxx banking index 7%... from +2.55% to -4.5%
  3. This ought to just scare the crap out of the citizens of the EU... Dijsselbloem has in short, just told banks & those that take private risk on them, that henceforth, rules of capitalism apply to them too. Thought Cyprus bank raid was a 'special case'? Not any more, it's now a 'template' according to head of euro group. So raiding bank accounts to become the norm.......are they this stupid.
  4. What Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem has just said could have a serious impact.. His basic warning - "Banks should basically be able to save themselves" -...He suggests Cyprus should not be special case, suggesting no intervention. Change of Tact from the EU.
  5. well there is a difference between "detained" and helping out with enquiries in a blacked out limo in a parking garage somewhere, degrees of seperation......dare say FBI probably is questioning him on something but they did not want it out that they were doing so.
  6. Well the media reporting it, is very close to Putin, i would imagine if he had been arrested, Moscow would have been informed.....Does Putin have it in for Abromavich? If he has been arrested, would be interesting to see what for, so close after all this russian money attention, the dead russian billionaire he was in a fight with....pick your charge, i'm sure the FBI would love to get him.
  7. So Abromavich's spokesman denies it, means nothing, thats PR, he's hardly gonna go, yeah he's been grabbed. Wait and see if the news media reports i think. FBI would confirm or deny eventually.
  8. Cyprus collapse, go after russian cash.....beresvinsky kicks the bucket and now this.... Guido Fawkes Russian media reporting Roman Abramovich has been detained by US intelligence services. Unconfirmed. Something weird going on with all this russian attention at present.....
  9. Then you got to buy a safe for the house and all appropriate measures to secure the house or they wont pay out. then they look at the technicalities to refuse payment, like, wrong type of locks, wrong type of security windows, they will find something not to pay out on cash. Besides, you have to prove it, notifiy the insurance company beforehand. Insurance knows its ways out of paying, been on the end of that one from them with a whole host of ridiculous clauses.
  10. I'd have thought a hell of a lot more, companies will probably pull out left right and center, who in their right mind would invest there now, certainly no incentive to ever bank their again and then again by the time the russians and others who lost money have finished with it, it will be skinned alive, it certainly will never be a bank or tax haven ever again.
  11. Who'd want to be a cypriot politician when they nab a russian mafiosa's money........but then again, the russians will probably have got it out somehow, either by gun or by force. Might see a few cypriot bankers and politicians take swims with concrete boots in the Med.
  12. The pound dropping sharply all over the place, its been dropping for weeks in Turkey from its high of 2.9, now took a sharp dive dropped this morning from 2.75 to 2.71 as Turkish Govt wants to reset value of lira as it is too high against other currencies. For years it used to fluctuate between £1 = 2.3 and 2.8 in summer and winter but has been stuck at about 2.9 for almost 3 years, The Turk govt wants that brought down to where it was before.
  13. what a numpty, where is he expecting it from......houses and coffee shops.....
  14. £ will be dropping like a stone today, been going down all week but accelerating a bit now.
  15. don't you just want to make sure everyone of those ambulance chasers was at the bottom of a sea somewhere, they are what is wrong with everything these days, they have turned everything into a "i'll sue you" for drawing breath, that make people scared to tuch anything, do anything, help anything. I despise these schysters.
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