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  1. Ever thought of getting help for your acute short-sightedness?
  2. Hmm, rather light on facts and, some might say, light on truth in places. I'm all for improving the NHS and I've no problem with Hannan's opinions. I'm not keen on the country's representatives airing our dirty laundry in the US, tho', especially without the people's backing.
  3. Yes, but it's the selfish gene, not the selfish individual, that wins.
  4. Could you provide a quote or link? I've had a quick look around and it all sounds very NHS to me. What are the key differences?
  5. People like you give evolution a bad name.
  6. Does buying now make him a tw@ or was that a separate observation of his general character? Personally, I have much sympathy for people in his position and he may yet be proved to have made a good decision. I'm really struggling to maintain my bearishness at the moment because of "the fear". I suspect he succumb to the same fear. If he loses (long-term, I mine) then I'll feel sorry for him, not condemn him as an idiot. Its hard to be confident in one's own financial predictions when so many "experts" get it so badly wrong.
  7. They are? I don't see that at all. I suspect the majority would agree that the NHS is far from perfect. But it seems the majority also agree that they can't think of a better way of providing health care to anyone that needs it. So, rather than scrap it, we're trying to improve it. They aren't planning to.
  8. Are you trying to undermine support for the NHS by linking the two? Please don't. The Tories will not kill the NHS, especially after the way the country has come out in its defence recently.
  9. Tough. The country has opted for a socialised health care system. This leaves you with two choices. Change the system democratically or leave. Then again, perhaps you could carry a card with you in your old age (when you've been dumped by your insurance company because you're too costly) to inform concerned passers-by not to worry as you die in front of them because you opted out of the NHS.
  10. +1 You're not. Not by a long way.
  11. Glad you think so. Well, it's been fun, see ya. Mind the step down on the way out.
  12. I note that xcojo has opted to remain silent rather than respond to the questions asked. Sadly, this seems to be about the best response any bull can offer. Surely there are some intelligent bulls out there that can actually make their case rather than trolling. No?
  13. That's right. The hive that is the bear mind is one. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. I never expected an apocalypse but I did open my mind to the points of view of those that did (do?) You might try opening yours to possibilities other than those that suit you. Burying your head in sand will only make me (and quite a few others on this forum) happier; it's unlikely to serve you well. For what it's worth, I think you are the one hoping for misery for others. After all, high house prices are one of the major factors behind increasing rates of personal bankruptcy. People can't afford their own home without taking on huge debt, which is bad. Or don't you agree?
  14. Thanks for all your constructive input. You've really lifted the debate. Keep up the good work. With such persuasive arguments, us bears will be turning left, right and centre. Why are so many bulls also complete ars*holes?
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