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  1. This is probably a bit nerdy but I did some maths: Over the past 16 weeks, 575 (+/-15) more houses per week have been on sale in NI. Interestingly this rate has been completely steady from May 15th indicating no change over the summer.
  2. I love this. 1 million for a flat. I think some folk need to go back on their medication.
  3. Thanks Pod...I feel a bit thick now!!!
  4. What's happened to Daftwatch for Antrim properties? Has the increase in properties for sale really stopped over the summer? http://daftwatch.atspace.com/daftcounty_27.html
  5. No problem Pod. It's worked for me before with properties I've suspected of being flipped.
  6. I Googled ""Cuan View ". It comes up on page 2 of results. Have a look. Sam
  7. Nothing too clever, I Just Googled the address and it came up under cached!
  8. This 2 bedroom house in Portaferry was sale agreed back in June for £120,000. Now on for £150,000 http://web2.propertynews.com/generic/broch...657941&i=47 Cached link: I guess some people are still trying it on.
  9. Saw this property was run down. Garden badly overgrown etc. I reckoned it must be a flipper, and guess what? 2 years ago: 215K http://www.jeffraine.com/propertysearch/De....asp?BlobID=350 Today:500K http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r...amp;p=PNC215895 Half a million? 285K in 2 years? That's an expensive building site! This guy has big cojones.
  10. This site is usually bullish, but contrast April with July. April: http://www.shelteroffshore.com/index.php/p...rthern_ireland/ July: http://www.shelteroffshore.com/index.php/p...ireland_update/
  11. Your're right. However, he has quite a lot of income from other business ventures. But I agree he must he must be taking a big hit each month. Funny, he doesn't like talking about that much!!!!
  12. Unbelievable!!! My parents have a garden shed. Maybe they could fit a kitchen and get over 100K for that too.
  13. My wife's uncle is a good example of one of these people. He is well off from a previous business venture. He has bought six properties in the Ballymena and east Belfast area over the past year around the 200K mark on interest only mortagages. He is renting these for around 500 month so he must be losing quite a lot. Interestingly, he has no plans to sell the properties. He is in this for the long haul. His rationale is that he thinks that there is only a finite number of good properties in towns in Northern Ireland and people will want to live close to work, especially if fuel prices/ car taxes go up. People will therefore not own properties but will have to rent (as in other countries such as Switzerland or in cities such as New York and London). The rental market will therefore become lucrative in the long term. I'm not sure I agree with his logic, but these are his thoughts.
  14. Yes, I agree, it seems very odd. I guess it reflects the Northern Ireland attitude to renting!!
  15. Sorry about the double post. Having issues with the net!!
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