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  1. Tesco the squeezed middle - the rich shop at Waitrose the poor at asda/aldi. The hipsters (tesco are cruel to farmers, badgers, banana growers, communities) shop at co-op, sainsbury. Basically overpriced crap quality fayre - lets revisit this time next year when the shareprice will be further down the pan. Plans to enter the mobile phone, mortgage, banking, utility markets will all end in failure. The next Woolworths of the 21st century.
  2. Thanks - you're right I'm wrong - apologies they don't share mail servers and their ip address space is close not shared - I was too quick off the mark and seeing the rightmove logo on their website made me jump to conclusions.
  3. Interestingly you can get properties onto rightmove using http://www.121move.co.uk/ for the fixed fee of £345 this company seems to share mail servers and some of rightmove's ip address space I wonder if they're related?
  4. A banker, a Daily Mail reader and a benefit claimant are sitting at a table sharing 12 biscuits. The banker takes 11 and says to the Daily Mail reader: “Watch out for the benefit claimant, he wants your biscuit” (Banker could just as easily be substituted with MP)
  5. There is no MEW at the moment for two simple reasons: 1. Home owners with poor LTV, maxed on credit etc. bank says NO. 2. Home owners with good mortgage rates - base +1% etc. and good credit records - bank says YES - but then want to negotiate new mortgage rates base +3% etc.
  6. How much did he spend/waste on the development? Unless he had to replace the roof and all the windows I can't see that he spent much over £30K there's a cheap howdens kitchen, expensive oak floors and a lick of paint all over. IMHO its a poor development.
  7. You’re right it’s a poor development a lick of white paint, a cheap kitchen, some new oak floors but no consistency in the design. Exposed brick walls can look great in warehouses not so spectacular around a small fireplace; it also looks like different types of wood have been laid in each room. Probably an amateur a real property developer would have squeezed a further bedroom into the loft, built over the garage and extended the kitchen. Even the accessories seem all wrong and not in keeping with the property. The original price seems cheap even though it is ex-council property – two bed flats would cost more! Other monies may have changed hands to avoid stamp duty which may come back to haunt the developer as likely purchasers will point at the original purchase price and the limited sums spent on the refurbishment. Could also be an inheritance where part of a family has bought out another half. More worryingly would be if the developer in cahoots with an ea has ripped off some poor pensioner over the purchase price to make a fast buck. It may have been a repossession - What did the EA say when you saw it? However if the development had been done better and as much as I hate to say it 400 - 450k is probably a realistic price for the area can still drop though.
  8. You forget the police and army also receive public sector pensions - Brown would rather see a revolution than let the Tories win.
  9. There are other ways for the car industry to make money look how porsche beat the bankers and markets at their own game: http://radian.org/notebook/porsche
  10. Thanks - I thought Monsoon was publically listed - assume Peter Simon holds a majority share? Have washed my hand of these vouchers and told my wife its up to her to make sure she uses them sooner rather than later at least I won't need to keep reminding her if they are relatively safe. The wife isn't really into spending lots on clothes and complains that she can no longer find practical items like tops or jumpers in this store.
  11. I noticed the increase in mini rolls over Christmas as I went to pick some packets up to share with the others at work put them back when I noticed the price will treat them in the New Year.
  12. Christmas has left the family with: Monsoon £75 John Lewis/Waitrose £85 WH Smith £10 TkMaxx £50 M&S £20 Told the wife to offload the monsoon vouchers today even if it meant buying small gifts for the coming year - she said the Wimbledon shop was too busy and she's going to wait until next week - I'm hoping see doesn't regret this. I'm aiming to offload the tkmax vouchers by the end of the week and will pick up some stationery from WH Smiths on Friday. I assume it will be the end of the world as we know it if M&S or John Lewis go under so will hold onto these until we need something... What do you think?
  13. There are still people who would MEW but can't for two reasons: 1. The irresponsible - will MEW for anything cars, holidays, school fees most are MEW'd to the hilt and the banks won't lend any more. 2. The cautious - used equity and MEW'd to build extensions (cheaper than moving), replace faulty windows, roofs etc - the banks will still lend to this type but in most cases this would mean changing to a new mortgage product which more than likely will be at a higher rate and on worse terms. There will not be any MEWing for a long time.
  14. In the 60's and 70's there was just one Whittards shop it was located on the Fulham Road they roasted raw coffee beans in the basement the smell was amazing. They did have roast beans on display in some carriage wheel affair showing the different roasts and beans which you could smell and taste. If you bought coffee the beans came out of big metal jars at the back of the shop and were ground in some big industrial grinder to the grade you wanted. Their teas blends were also incredible especially the Pelham blend there wasn't a novelty tea pot in sight. Now if they could get back to their roots...
  15. And if Nicola and the other fund managers (the ones who've taken our money but kept strangely quiet) knew how to use the internet (this doesn't include having a pink version of your website) and googled Madoff before this news broke and he commands 1.5 million hits they may have just have seen this article from 2001 and maybe the alarm bells may have started ringing who knows: http://nakedshorts.typepad.com/files/madoff.pdf Good god I google any company I am about to spend £50 with just to make sure they're kosher!
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