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  1. Synthetic position with spread betting will give you small spreads and any gains are tax free, I use ig, you'll have access to a large range of currencies. Pick the furthest expiry date available and remember to opt to automatically roll positions...
  2. IT'S NOT A BUSINESS, IT'S A SPECULATIVE INVESTMENT. If I borrow money to invest in the stock market can I deduct my interest payments from my dividend income? NO!
  3. I love this, highlights two of the biggest bubbles out there right now: London property and the App-obsessed tech sector
  4. I have no vested interests either way and I'm of the opinion that this is a very good thing. Rightmove and Zoopla have far too much power, scraping massive profits for simply being the first movers to create a simple website that could be knocked up very easily. Less money going to portals means agents can afford to charge customers less. The tactics necessary to get traction with OnTheMarket might seem cynical and self serving but I really don't see how else they could get this off the ground without such a strategy (OnTheMarket properties are limited to advertising on only one out of Zoopla
  5. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, just created a facebook event: "NOT VOTING FOR GORDON BROWN" (search for it if the link doesnt work, it's the one with the picture of Brown with a light above his head) http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=109772062394274
  6. this increase in rental supply will presage the next phase of the HPC I reckon. Recent buyers are happy to accept low rental income as they presumably got a decent discount and interest rates very low. These landlards will undercut the rest, many of which are struggling after buying at the top and who still have highish mortgage payments due to negative/minimal equity, they will become forced sellers before long.....
  7. been renting in covent garden for a year, just negotiated 11% off (pitched 15% off). Have several friends who have managed similar reductions. I suggest pitching that you are looking to move as current rent is not affordable after an income reduction, but suggest that you "might" be able to stay if the landlord is open to negotiation.... spread the word, rent reductions will force in denial buy-to-letters to buckle -> new wave of forced sellers....
  8. I think the terms and conditions refer to RPI the INDEX LEVEL (not yoy % return) and your return is based on increase of this level vs your purchase date (/last anniversary date). note recent index levels: jan08 209.8 feb08 211.4 mar08 212.1 apr08 214 may08 215 jun08 216.8 jul08 216.5 aug08 217.2 sep08 218.4 oct08 217.7 nov08 216 dec08 212.9 jan09 210.1 => hence no RPI return even if you bought a year ago
  9. http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html...mp;pagewanted=1
  10. this is a perfect example of the naive/retarded attitude that led to hordes of sheeple bidding up houses to such crazy levels living in a nice house/flat will ALWAYS have a LARGE COST to it, whether it is an opportunity cost on your tied up capital if you own outright; whether it is a combination of opportunity cost (on your deposit) and cash flow cost (interest payments) if you have a mortgage; or whether you pay rent; this cannot be avoided. Opportunity cost may seem less painful than a cash flow cost but it should be considered on an equal basis. And this is before you even begin to consid
  11. "guide price" is not always equal to reserve, it is often lower to attract interest
  12. I'm astonished what good value seemed to be on offer relative to London/SE; 156k gets you a three bedroom detached house with garage! In London that would be enough for just the garage! If the banking world stays in the doldrums, London House prices will be looking over the edge of a big cliff.....
  13. actually didnt notice it comes with 6 flats, but 6x shite is still shite isnt it? ah well, SE seems to be lagging the rest of the country still, seeing a few big tickets going through......
  14. Lot 10: 680-700 guide for a crappy shop in hackney, give me a break
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