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  1. > Why Should Anyone Work For Minimum Wage? Because their labour isn't productive enough to pay any more.
  2. The "minimum wage" is in reality a "compulsory unemployment productivity". We need to get rid of taxes on income (fines for employing people) so competition for employees raises wages.
  3. I hear the mafia are better value for money too. Just think of the government as a mafia group who've eliminated their rivals. the way the country is run then makes much more sense.
  4. Wow you must live somewhere where the armed forces and the police don't apply. Is there a unicorn in your back-garden too? People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. George Orwell
  5. The current "system" is a immoral ponzi scheme. The UK should pay the lowest pension. People might actually save some money they actually earnt for once rather than extort it from other people.
  6. Could it be the net result of more vigilant border guarding, and kicking out illegal immigrants? i.e. no new jobs created but, they are going to citizens rather than law breakers.
  7. Nor should it! Productivity is up to you. If the government where a lender rather than a borrower, we would see less inflation.
  8. Money is the use of other people's time. Debt is your future time. Savings are the use of other people in the future. Nothing magic.
  9. You'll notice that those countries do not have capitalism.
  10. If the answer is socialism (or other forms of coerced collectivism with different names). Then the question can only be "How many people can we murder?" Socialism killed at least 100 Million last century. Lets not repeat stupidity.
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