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  1. Cheap at half the price - NOT!!! Seriously £750,000 for a flat in Cookstown??? I think the seller just had a game of, 'think of a number.'
  2. Relationships really are a very turbulant speculative market these days. Unfortunately, I have found that any investment in this area has given me very poor returns. So I have decided to STR (stop the relationships) and just enjoy myself
  3. I have been looking into this myself. The problem with the A + L Direct Saver account is that the account has a limit of £100K and there is no rate guarantee. Only 1 account per customer. The Sainsbury's Internet Saver account has a much higer savings limit and an intrest rate guarantee. As for the NS&I certificates; what does max £15K per issue mean?
  4. Did anyone hear on BBC Radio Ulster this morning; the comments about the number of houses sold last year being the highest since 1990? Unfortunately, I only heard about it second hand, but apparently the proceeding crash was mentioned.
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