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  1. I guess he is thinking of a UK version of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, so that he can have some influence over mortgage liquidity and terms. If done right, it is sensible, but his history, and that of Fannie & Freddie, isn't encouraging...
  2. This thread takes me back. I used to go around the car showrooms asking for brochures when I was 13, too...
  3. Maidstone?! The very definition of an oxymoron.
  4. My wife asked me about this article this morning. I replied that David Smith is a contrarian indicator as he gets everything wrong, so best to ignore...
  5. There wasn't a blackout, it just wasn't newsworthy enough on a day where there was so much news going on. Just one of the main stories on Friday would have been the story of the year last year.
  6. I saw the protest on Friday. It was 50 people at most. I did have a chuckle at Socialists protesting against nationalisation. More interesting to me was the VERY high proportion of City workers not wearing a suit on Friday. Far more than usual, even taking into account "dress down Friday" and it wasn't Jeans for Genes Day either. Not sure what it means, however.
  7. It's tempting to think so, but it will only be the bottom when everyone thinks you are mad to even be considering it....
  8. "the rate of fall has stabilised" Another way of saying "Terminal Velocity" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terminal_velocity
  9. Ooops - Just realised posted as Evil Banker husband - Will be most displeased !
  10. 39 Year old SAHM with 2 kids - married to Evil Banker . Sold London house May 2007 for 2X what we paid for it in 2003 - Renting country pad near Tunbridge Wells off interest on equity - all tied up in National Savings or Northern Rock now (not last week though !) Waiting for market to bottom out to buy or husband to lose job - whichever comes first ! If latter plan to open a chocolate shop in some seaside town or relocate to our small house in SW France and plant vegetables/keep chickens !
  11. Given the quality of your maths, you are Dick Fuld and I claim my £5.
  12. I have no radical views on Israel at all. My point was that the story was so extraordinary as to be unbelievable so I used my brain, did 20 seconds research and realised the source was as reliable as a Morris Marina. How about you? Used your brain recently, or would you like to buy some magic beans?
  13. Mainly because it is rubbish written by anti-Zionist nutters.
  14. My (informed) guess, for owner occupied, is somewhere around 25-30% LTV average, but in the same way as average wage is irrelevant to average house prices, it is the marginal risk that matters in determining market movements, and not the person who owns their house outright.
  15. In fact, and slightly ironically given the subject of this site*, the key to very long term wealth for families is actually land and property. It doesn't make me any less bearish in the short term, but you only have to look at the Sunday Times Rich List to see it is true. *not gold, despite outward appearances
  16. How true. Furthermore, unless you hold your cash in USD, you are also at the whims of both the gold and FX hedgies. Anyone who thinks that the price goes down because the big boys are buying is clearly living in la la land.
  17. Now, that's funny. Thanks for brightening my morning...
  18. Mine too, except is sounds like the horn on a Merc 600 Grosser ( for those that saw Top Gear last night)...
  19. Presumably the ones that don't make the Friday return flight have been cut down in a hail of bullets from the Russian mafia...!
  20. I have 2, actually, but remember my teenage years...
  21. We're at first base, the excitement is just beginning. After saying "no" for so long, it looks like we're on a winner and it's unlikely to be an anti climax. What's not to like? Loafer
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