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  1. Check out this story, 1% rental vacancy in Sydney!!: http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2008/06/25/1214073290688.html
  2. I was in Sydney a few months ago and as always location holds it's value better. Sydney cannot grow east without reclaiming land and that will never happen. If you are going to buy in Sydney and want long term growth then buy in the eastern suburbs, inner north, inner west and inner south or the city itself. There is a major shortage of rental property there and tenants are being gazumped for rental property so buy to let. The big things to watch out for in Australia are foreign ownership laws and capital gains tax. I believe you can do some planning with NZ companies and trusts to alleviate the pain of those.
  3. If you have a taste for SA at the moment you might want to consider what my old landlord is going to do. He is sitting on his money patiently waiting for Robert Mugabe to relinquish power in Zimbabwe. He claims that besides the obviously enormous economic problems, it doesn't seem to suffer the same sort of social problems that SA suffers from.
  4. I haven't been to Cumbuco or Forteleza, but I will next month to have a look. I have been going to the N.E. for about 5 years now so have seen a lot of changes. I have seen major infrastructure projects being built, like bridges and highway improvements and even airports, so things are moving ahead albeit slowly. I agree about being careful with developers and local EA's, we have to spend a lot of time researching developments and the developers as a lot of what we get offered is really a joke, but there is still quality out there in great spots.
  5. I have been pondering this recently: Say a development offered 5% for 5 years guaranteed, and if this is factored into the price, then the price of the development must be 25% higher than that of a comparable development next door. If this is the case how could they sell it, as I would be better off buying the cheaper one next door without the guarantee?
  6. And the sheikhs of course, they get a % of everything going on there.
  7. Have you been to Pitangui (north of Natal) where the development is before?
  8. It has been on the cards for a while......the place had all the signs of being at the top when I was there a couple of years ago. Besides which, there isn't much there except sand and building sites.
  9. Hi All, I thought I would start this thread to try and find out where people are buying in Brazil and what people think the pros and cons are of each place. Personally I like in and around Pipa, South of Natal, and am also looking at a place on an island off Salvador. I picked these becuase they had existing infrastructure, tourists and an existing rental market, but I am open to all suggestions. Rob.
  10. I have to agree with this as the tourist numbers are only just building up enough to sustain a good rental market (I am a firm believer that this will happen in the next few years). A lot of places are guaranteeing rentals, which is a gamble the developers are making because they will need to rent them aggressively to pay that guarantee, but by the time the guarantee runs out the rental market should be pretty solid. So really you have three choices: 1. Don't worry about the rental market or rent it out yourself privately or through a local agency. 2. Go for the guaranteed income. Generally about 5% - a few costs, which is a nice bonus on top of your capital appreciation. 3. Go for a re-development of a resort or hotel or pousada with existing clientele and an existing good reputation. These are hard to come by and we only have one on our books, but conservative estimates are 8 - 12% rental return. If anyone knows of developments like number 3, please let us know so we can list them, because they sell quickly... Rob.
  11. Isn't bulgaria a bit cold in winter, like really really cold?
  12. I have to agree with knowing the economy. I read an interesting article recently about Spain selling off a lot of its stocks of gold as it is running out of money due to inflation. The cause was low interest rates set by the ECB, which really sets the rate for Germany as it is the biggest Euro country economically, when Spain should have had it's rate set higher ages ago to cool the market down a bit. This should be cause for alarm if you are buying in Spain, but then again it depends why you are buying, lifestyle or quick return on investment. Long term it should be good as something like 50% of brits want to get out according to a survey I saw somewhere (probably in the news of the world ), and they just keep moving to Spain.
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