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  1. Actually after 1992 was a good time to be in manufacturing. I remember reading about some factory owner borrowing at 15% and saying he was really pleased as normally his bank only leant to property companies.Now he could get as much money as he wanted.
  2. i don't think your town will be as affected as towns in lincolnshire and norfolk - arent you not far from oxford?
  3. Chapelfield is doing well. just everywhere else in Norwich is sick. Holt - now that's a shopping place.
  4. Apparently there's a chicken price war among the local Kosher butchers here
  5. When people quote the 'average' wage do they mean the mean or mode or median. ? Property 50% of wages in Norwich are less than £15 000 sothis would be the median wage. Certainly in 1999 a flat in Southwell Road was £32 500 which would have been 3x the wage of one person doing an ordinary clerk's job at NU. If that was the yardstick flats there should be £45 000. You can work out how far below present market value this is. Bear in mind also that there are a lot of jobs going in Norwich or about to go and now Marsh have fobbed off most of their Norwich employees to Capita there will be job losses and wage cuts.
  6. What will happen is that the weakest will go to the wall.Invalids, old age pensioners will be looted
  7. Best place to eat is the bin outside the Co-op on Unthank Road. Today they were doing a lot of Chicken Kiev with srawberries from Egypt. Of course if you want fresh bread the bakery next door will leave a sackful.My landlady was thrilled with the leeks and carrots. Seriously her son's girlfriend has just begun to rent a big house through Crown Point estate. It's not much more than a flat ( aka rabbit hutch ) anywhere in the centre. Don't know about most overpriced but Co-op were trying to sell a brown loaf for £1.45 - perhaps they think some investment bank are moving to Norwich and buying up Unthank Road.
  8. Dont know if it's because of Christmas but the number of liquidations seems to have shot up today according to the London Gazette.
  10. OK how do I get a Euro bank account? It's not just Brown , I travel on the railways in Holland and they only take cash or EuroCard for internal travel. I have used a Nationwide Visa account but noticed in Germany they want EuroCard ( if they take cards at all).
  11. I think it's safe to say that withiut massive borrowing very few people in Norwich can afford any sort of property,Now that most retired people are going abroad to live that support has gone as well.At the moment the main money-making idea is getting money from central government to build affordable housing with the hope large amounts of it sticks to consultants / councilllors etc ( Probably why Norwich County councillors recently gave themselves a 30% pay rise) Wages have gone down in Norwich because 1. High - paying firms like Rowntree Mackintosh / Jarrolds printers have closed 2. Formerly skilled employment at Norwich Union has become unskilled / moved abroad 3.The large number of unskilled immigrants pushing down wages 4. The poor quality of education in many schools in Norwich 5. The poor quality of services ., especially Norwich City Council 6. Council policy to encourage low pay as higher paid workers do not generally vote Labour.
  12. Spicer McColls on Bank Plain have closed - a notice is directing customers to Haart -
  13. Had a laugh today - Brown has been going on for months about how he's going to sort out the wicked Sudanese. They take some Scouse idiot hostage and he's shitting his pants - he's grovelling on his knees saying how wonderful the Sudanese are. My friend from Essex said they should whip her and Brown should mind his own business. Bet if she wasn't from some Labour rathole Brown wouldn't give a f**k.Morrisey is right - what have immigrants brought to Manchester recently.
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