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  1. They didn't lose money on there own trades. They were acting as a Broker and obviously couldn't handle the NASDAQ problems meaning clients were doubling up or worse on trades. They then couldn't reverse the positions when they needed to. Most of the investment banks would be doing the same but probably handled the problems better. Most of these trades will be from Hedge funds etc.
  2. It was a very good article. I think the best points were that high house prices are aspirationally terrible for the young and also work against social justice. Labour for all their talk of Social Justice (Brown and Prescott continually droned on about this), probably did the the most damage of anyone to the ideal of an equal society by allowing rampant house inflation.
  3. The thing is Labour knew it would be inevitable as well, so they kept banging on about locking in the recovery and to carry on spending. Obviously with or without cuts the economy would have probably gone back in recession, however when / if it does Labour will say this is the Coalitions fault. Couple that with the wrong interruption of Keynesian economics i.e. calling for spending on any old shit while in recession, as well as not having set aside during a boom, a large part of the population will blame the Coalition. I still think that most of the Lib voters were actually Labour voters having a protest vote. I saw posts before the election of "don't be scared of a coalition" etc Of course when this Coalition involved a Tory government they all started bleating about it being a stitch-up. I was amazed to see members of Question Time audience the other day, criticising the cuts of 'front-line' services of for example hospitals, when it reality it was future spending that Labour had promised immediately before an election. It is amazing how many people in this country are oblivious to the mess Labour made.
  4. A 1/5, yeah right! More like a 50%+ Everyone I know with a I/O mortgage has got it because it is the only way they could afford it. This means they can't afford to repay. I wonder what some of the "Repayment Vehicles" are, probably asked a question like "Do you have a savings account?"!
  5. Wasn't really a day though was it. The majority of the crash (I think about 6% out of the 9%) was in about 15 mins.
  6. Sunday Times Good investment with his son!! In reality way more than a £1m loss stated in the byline. Hope this hasn't already been posted, couldn't find it.
  7. We certainly seem to be sending our Chav Dross out there.
  8. Similar to John Prescott in my opinion. Talks about Socialism but then thinks he is worth more than the average wage. Billy Bragg has at least 2 houses, now this is OK but don't call yourself a socialist. Hearing him talk to the overpaid BBC Journalists about someone else that is getting Overpaid is a bit annoying!
  9. There were 189,161 road accidents involving personal injury in 2006. If somebody crashes into me or my family, I would want the other person to have insurance.
  10. Remember that recruitment agents are basically salesmen. I too work in I.T and find that the number of recruitment agents contacting me has risen during the recession as the agents struggle with fewer placements.
  11. Limitations: 1/ Just for StampDuty. 2/ 50,000 over 3 years is 1388 extra a month on top of your mortgage.
  12. Bump! Essentially this is about 20% of the Workforce, this clearly is unemployed / population which is crazy. It makes predictions so hard when everything from Salaries to Working population is spun and confused by crap journalists.
  13. What does this mean?? The debt is the same whether the house is worth £50 or £1 million! Were these 4 million all going to cash out and leave the country......
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