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  1. Napoleon also said this: I wish somebody could make New Labour (and especially Brown) understand that. As for HMRC, look at how the tax code has expanded under this administration, with inevitable results.
  2. It wasn't sh1t, it was magical. Youth is always magical in hindsight. It was sh1t and magical.
  3. You might find it incredible, but it's going to be increasingly common. If you borrowed, say, £250,000 (not unusual in Brighton, I'd imagine) at 4.19% over 25 years, repayments would be £1360.49 (or £872.91 interest only). If the interest rate resets 3% higher at 7.19%, monthly repayments would rise by £457.93 to £1818.42 (or by £625 to £1497.91 interest only). My god, I didn't realise how brutal the gearing on IO mortgages was! You pay more for what is, essentially, an option to buy at some future point, and get royally screwed in the process. Financial suicide (but then so is buying anything for £250K at 100% unless you are rich and drunk). Ahoy hoy
  4. I was there between 1975 and 1983 (from 10 to 18 years of age). *Memory Lane flash*. Yeah, it was great as a teenager, and the dilapidation was part of the magic. I remember how elegantly deserted it used to be around Queensway, the few cinemas, the subway complexes; the yucky old Bull Ring and the rag market down Digbeth; Woodruffe's music store where we used to while away Saturday afternoons, and the weird hippy shop around the back; the quiet of Sun Hill; then later the Elbow Room in Handsworth and God knows how many great little gig places. That mad huge comic place I used to get copies of National Lampoon from, when Yank stuff was strange and exotic. The Costermonger! All gone now to shiny corporate shit. I came from London and now I'm back in London, but I look back on Brum (where I was always a bit of an outsider) with great and lasting fondness. Many of my loves are there. And if you take the piss I'll fight you I will! Edit: spelling as usual
  5. All together now: "The light at the end of the tunnel Is the light of an oncoming train." (with apologies to Robert Lowell)
  6. Ah, the dubious joys of shared ownership: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/art...ster/article.do
  7. I just wanted to say thanks to you all: this is a fantastic thread and should be pinned. What's more it is thoughtful and cordial, brainfood as well as bearfood. And Dstars is back! How are you? Still in Switzerland? I await the book you should write on all this.
  8. The next Labour prime minister probably hasn't been born yet.
  9. Appears naïvely optimistic to me, and reading it, I had a feeling that in years to come we would think, reading over this again, that the analytical tools used to produce a report such as this were completely inadequate to estimate the true catastrophe that was about to engulf not only the housing markets, but the entire economies, of the countries under discussion. Ireland 20% off. They're having a laugh (e.g.).
  10. I recall Ezra Pound, poet and unrepentant fascist, hence critic of capitalism, had a mad idea he called "stamp scrip", whereby bank notes would be date coded, and would deteriorate in value over time unless they were circulated via consumption/investment. In other words, Pound thought that to counter the effect of rich men clogging up society with vast wealth, they should spread it around (on pain of financial penalty) to the benefit of general prosperity. In the poems I think the metaphors were digestive/psychological: good regular movements rather than constipation and choleric distemper (intestines = economy). Complete madman, but possibly the best poet of his time.
  11. Yes, I heard sh1t-for-brains Hutton on 5 Live bleating that the gov should waste taxpayers' money on bailing out the property market. And this is the same sh1t-for-brains Hutton whose wife runs a BTL empire (he's another of those charming greedy capitalist holier-than-thou millionaire lefties). So the situation is this: sh1t-for-brains Hutton is introduced as some egghead economics genius, chairman of this-and-that we-know-best Incorporated, but in reality he is asking for us to bail out his missus' strangulating BTL business (it WILL be losing money as we speak). But worst of all, the BBC says not a word about sh1t-for-brains Hutton's vested interest in this matter. I was so angry, I think that today was the day my last vestige of respect and tolerance for the BBC, which has been dying for years, finally gave up the ghost. It is an absolute disgrace. Shame on the lot of these rotten lefty bast*rds. Edit: sperlinge
  12. See MarketTicker ... Washington Mutual (WAMU) about to go t*ts up after Wall Street closes tomorrow evening. Roubini also checking this one. Apparently WAMU refiused to honour IndyMac counter cheques a few weeks back during the run on that wretched bank, but then under (Fed?) pressure accepted them with an eight-week delay in honouring. Question is, will WAMU be there in eight weeks to cough up the cash. Apparently not, if the word on the street is hip. Only according to rumours, mind you ... Dominoes, baby! Coming to a town near you soon.
  13. When I were a lad (in t'olden days) you needed to have been around a fair while and made over hundred posts before being cheeky enough to ask mods if you could gear up to being one of them what could start threads. You applied, they sent it 'fore comittee, and t'verdict were handed down, yay or nay. How on earth does a bloke on his second post go about bein' able to start threads? Occurs to me, young 'uns, that if yer want to keep trolls off yer lovely forum, ye'd best not be giving absolute green newbies the right to kick off new threads an' all!
  14. It seems remarkable that nobody (in gov or media) has suggested that the astonishing collapse in working class support for Labour might have been at least partly linked to the smoking ban. This is anecdotal, mind you, but I now find nothing less than sheer raging hatred for the (middle class, nannying etc) Labour gov among those who were previously its natural and taken-for-granted voters. Irrational and emotional on their part it might be, but if a British bloke or woman can't have a pint and a fag down their local boozer anymore, then the powers-that-be have crossed a fatal line. I have heard from people who have always been natural Labour cannon fodder who will now never ever vote for them again for this reason. It's way beyond hatred, actually. More like murder in their hearts.
  15. [WARNING: rant coming up ...] Of course you are right. After the catastrophic misallocation of capital under Brown's chancellorship comes complete disaster with the defenestration of sterling and the return of "crack-pipe" inflation (we need more money every half hour - no! - twenty minutes - no! - ten minutes no! ....). Who was it on this site that said about Labour, "empty heads vote them in, empty wallets vote them out"? Somebody else said, excellently, that if somebody was really going to do you over horribly, so that you would be hurt so badly you would never be the same person again, that they would always explicitly tell you that's what they were going to do (e.g. "grind your bones to make my bread"). Looking back, I think that that's exactly what Brown was doing as Chancellor when he was banging on about "Prudence" and "no more boom and bust". In reality he was telling us he was going to f**k us like we'd never been f**ked before. If anybody truly believed his mad hubristic claims then they deserved everything they got. That's what Brown meant. And collectively if not exclusively, we believed him as our greed got the better of (some of) us. He was telling us he was going to mutilate the UK beyond recognition. He might not even have known himself at the time that that was what he meant or what he darkly and secretly wanted. It's like Guderian asking about Hitler in January 1945: "Does he actually want to lose?" Of course he does! That's what Brown always wanted. To destroy, to immolate, to take everything and everybody down with him in his barren, anti-matter version of existence. Watch the scorched earth policy over the next two years, for example. If Brown isn't going to survive then nobody will. His shock after he became PM was suddenly to realise that his dreams were really always nightmares, the visions turning to ashes in his hands. I would guess he didn't even know himself what he was or had become. Now he knows, though, or at least it is dawning on him in the bunker, as the prowling insomniac turfs secretaries out of their chairs and throws mobile phones against the wall. I can imagine his pallor, the trembling hand and sunken eye that betrays the realisation that there is no way out of this mess. His triumph was really always about death and abnegation. The twisted socialism in what passes for his soul decrees that everybody should be as wretched as the most wretched there is - that's equality, see? He'll make sure we all get there. I know, I know, why don't I get off the fence and say what I really think. Edit: spilleng
  16. Funny you should say that. The Venetians and Catalans took dodgy bankers and brokers very seriously indeed: In the light of all that's gone on lately, perhaps having such a sanction might have served to keep the Applegarths of this world in line. Do you think that sort of legislation might be introduced retrospectively, as with car tax? Could it possibly apply to (ex-) chancellors also? Perhaps the Pakistanis have the right idea. (from Peter Spufford, Power and Profit: The Merchant in Medieval Europe, London, Thames & Hudson, 2002 - a wonderful read, by the way)
  17. Remember to keep repeating this to yourself: House prices only ever go down.
  18. Cheers! Been spending a lot of me time on the high seas, me hearty, prayin' that Boris will win.
  19. Labour's worst b*llocking since 1968 when Harold Wilson was in, eh? And look at the incredibly high numbers of people voting. They say Brown is useless at everything ... but at least he's good at getting people off their *rses and down to the polling stations!
  20. Sorry, couldn't resist this (from MarketTicker): http://www.tickerforum.org/cgi-ticker/akcs-www?post=29973 Edit: spelling, etc etc
  21. I love MarketTicker: And more: http://www.tickerforum.org/cgi-ticker/akcs-www?post=29584
  22. From those switched-on folks over at MarketTicker: http://www.tickerforum.org/cgi-ticker/akcs-www?post=29535
  23. It seems walking away is or will become a rational economic decision in the USA. Read this level-headed and concise article from the WSJ: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB120243369715152501.html
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