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  1. EDIT: Just bumping this one as I've now changed the title on YouTube to try to increase the views and 'provoke debate'. New title is: 'UK HOUSE PRICES TO FALL 50% BY 2011? [22-9-08]' Thanks to those who've already viewed and rated and please keep them coming as the higher the viewing and comment ratings, the more exposure it will likely get. Best regards, Tucksy
  2. I'm not sure whether anyone has put this on YouTube yet but I put it on my channel just in case. [sorry about the audio glitches but it's down to way the DVD recorder generates the recording!] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzvuS22HnSY Please rate if you have a YT account... Thanks and enjoy! Regards, Tucksy
  3. Agree completely... However, I would like to question WHY C4 feel it necessary to re-broadcast these programs AT PEAK VIEWING TIME, given the significant decline in the HM since they were made. It's not as if they haven't already been shown ad infinitum on C4, More4 and whatever other sister channels C4 has now. Do C4 really have no other quality programming to fill a prime time 1hr viewing slot, other than misleading 'property porn' repeats? There's a very unpleasant whiff about all this and I'm convinced that certain VI's associated with C4 are still trying to convey a sense that everythi
  4. I hope you're right Ferret! I'm not working due to health (long term) and and I rely quite heavily on returns from savings for my income. 9% gross by next year would be very welcome and hopefully slow down the erosion of my capital with which I hope to buy eventually. That's assuming inflation doesn't go through the roof with GB & the BOE's current 'antics'. A BIG assumption I know but savers are long overdue their 'day in the sun'!
  5. They are all going to have rights issues now to raise capital [following the RBS lead] and are probably pretty confident now that the the BOE will print lots of nice new bonds for them [short term] in return for their 'bad' MBS's. So they won't be quite so desperate for the hard earned cash of prudent savers like us but we'll get screwed by lower savings rates and inflation as a result! What a 'miracle' economy Gordon! :angry:
  6. GB seems to be somewhat 'maniacal' and it's frightening to see the lengths to which he will go to ensure that the 'boom' continues and the 'bust' only occurs once he has left office. If Gordon's going down, he'll make sure the economy goes with him. He seems indifferent to the true cost to the average [prudent] voter of his obsession with an economy fuelled by debt and overblown asset inflation. IMHO huge undertakings such as this bail-out of the banks and the NR bail-out, which involve potential risk to huge amounts of tax payer's money, should be put to a [multi-party] Commons vote and hav
  7. If the IMF's recent estimation that losses worldwide could reach $1 trillion proves correct, how effective will £50 billion be in restoring confidence to the entire UK banking system, given that only one of the major banks has so far declared publicly that it needs to raise £8 billion via a rights issue? Evidently this may rise to £12 billion once RBS have declared further losses. 'IMF fears credit crisis losses could soar towards $1 trillion' IMHO the banks will, for a long time, not be prepared to risk their capital in the extreme manner which has inflated the HPI bubble. Additionally, se
  8. The woman with the baby from the south, BTL'ing flats she'd never seen hundreds of miles away was actually a pretty damning indictment [and a great example] of how very ordinary folk have been consumed by the prospect of alleged 'easy riches', and which has turned out to be a poisoned chalice. Whoever financed, aided and/or coerced this woman into these deals is as guilty of her financial demise as she is. I wonder how many of the now 1,000,000 BTL mortgagees are of a similar ilk and how catastrophic this could prove to be to the market. Also.... 'FP' is getting far too much airtime at t
  9. For anyone who missed or has not yet seen the studio discussion or has had trouble finding the correct link please try this one. Channel 4 News 8th April - House Price Falls - Studio Discussion This should take you directly to the studio discussion and bypasses the report leading up to it. Please note that this link opens directly into 'Windows Media Player' so I cannot guarantee it will work for ALL browsers. Hope this helps. Cheers, Tucksy
  10. Believe me or not, I'm in no better, wiser position and just as nervous about my savings as many people on HPC. Also, I would willingly trade anything monetary or material I have to be in good health again...
  11. I'm sorry you feel such hostility but I was just trying to point out that I would be in the same situation if I hadn't been fortunate enough to stumble upon certain information at just the right time. Thanks largely to other posters on HPC. I've never posted anything on here with the intention of making other people feel worse about any situation they may be in and many of us on here (including myself) rely on other's experiences and posts to help us make some of our decisions. I believed that the chart may clear up any confusion relating to compensation from the Icelandic banks and that th
  12. Great to see HPC getting this kind of exposure. I don't know they bothered having that woman from Savills PF on. 4% this year? More like 4% in the next month! I like how they gave 'FP' the final word. Property 'snake' will soon become as commonly used amongst the people as 'ladder' (or 'pyramid' as I prefer) became! Maybe C4's new series this week should be re-titled accordingly?
  13. I think the Barclays deal you mention is the best VR IA ISA right now but here's a couple of links I use regularly to find the best deals on different types of account... www.moneysupermarket.com/savings/SavingsCompareForm.asp www.moneyfacts.co.uk/savings/bestbuys/default.aspx HTH, Tucksy
  14. I feel sympathy for those on here locked into FRB's with Icesave in the current climate of 'uncertainty' and although my post relates mainly to Kaupthing, I hope it may be useful to others. I recently opened both an instant access account and FRB with Kaupthing but nervous about what I heard thru posts on HPC and thru Bloomberg about the potential situation in Iceland, I quickly moved the £35k back out of my Kaupthing FRB. Kaupthing's penalty on early withdrawal/closure of their FRB's is a 1% penalty on interest due. I was also in the process of transferring my ISA to Icesave which I managed
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