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  1. Poor fcuker - a fate worse than a fate worse than death. If locked in a room with one of them, anyway.
  2. Not destroying you - no worries, never my intention. Play the ball, not the man. Or woman, of course. Conscious intent - well, I hope they have that! Subliminal intent - I don't think we're that clever...... Glorious graphic - yeah, were I to produce one privately, I'd have a similar theme. But I'd probably use champagne, fine pinot noirs and first class flights to the other end of the world to represent the freedom* that comes from lower taxes and a budget surplus. *As if the reduction of my tax bill would let me take first class flights to Oz. Premium economy, maybe. I clearly need to become a BBC Senior Manager.
  3. As we're now relaxed, I might suggest that what you remember may have been the graphic used when GDP started going up again. From memory, that one did go down and then start to turn up. Just a guess...... If anyone's interested, sometimes BBC News has graphic "brands" that are given a fair bit of effort because they're likely to be used regularly - "The Downturn" was a classic example of that. Others are just knocked up, sorry - carefully crafted - on the day. A fairly reliable guide to whether something has involved a bit of investment is whether it moves in something resembling 3D when it animates (moves), like many variants of "The Downturn". We've got limited 3D capability in News and it's very labour intensive - a sequence will usually tie up a designer for a whole day, which is a lot for us - so 3D is generally used for things that will be used more than once. The graphic of the attempts to cap the BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico is a recent example. "Brands" aside, generally 3D will only be used if it really will make it easier to understand the finished result; doing a 3D graphic will usually mean three or four other stories don't get a graphic. You might well argue that news broadcasters overuse graphics. You might well think they're something TV news producers do because they can rather than because they make a story easier to understand. But that's another issue altogether, has even less to do with House prices and the Economy, and in any event I Couldn't Possibly Comment.......
  4. Hang on, you've just posted a line that goes down as an example of a line that goes up. Goodness me, I've been back on HPC for ten minutes after spending months away and I'm already remembering why I gave up.....
  5. They didn't. Sorry. http://www.google.co.uk/images?client=safari&rls=en&q=bbc%20downturn&oe=UTF-8&redir_esc=&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi&biw=1280&bih=686 EDIT Ah, you and I posted at the same time. I think you overanalyse things a little...... You might equally have pointed out that the line in the previous one goes through the floor. And in any graphic device, the line has to end somewhere.
  6. That's the same Neil Kinnock who resigned as Labour leader in 1992, is it?
  7. And let's be clear, the programme didn't endorse borrowing on credit cards to build a house; quite the opposite.
  8. All depressingly familiar - and from just 18 months ago.
  9. It's Jersey - the number of transactions is bound to be very low, and there are all kinds of restrictions on who can buy where. So it's hard to be certain about the trend. I think you're basically right though.
  10. Eh? Peston got the story, Peston did the reports. Nothing remotely fishy about that, and nothing to do with Evan's whereabouts. And if the Government does have an issue with a correspondent, it's the best guarantee of job security they could have. Slightly different, but if Nick Witchell ever moved on from Royal Correspondent, there'd inevitably be a link made to Prince Charles' remarks about finding him "unbearable" - therefore that job will almost certainly be Nick's until he jumps himself.
  11. Blimey, an on-topic post! Felicitations, mon ami!
  12. I was out earlier tonight in Shepherd's Bush in West London and I'd say there was 4-6 inches. Whilst I normally knock the hype of media colleagues about a little snow causing chaos, the new bus station at Westfield was blocked by a bendy bus that couldn't cope with a slight slope and it was truly a mess. Unless the ploughs and gritters get it all cleared overnight, I fear there will be big disruption in the morning - and last I heard, the big snowfall comes in the day.
  13. Sounds like a crap idea for a programme. Thankfully it reads like they're pitching for a commission. Hope they don't get it - it's desperate.
  14. Aaaargh. For "professional integrity" reasons, I can't do this (don't laugh - wish I could)..... Please, please can someone forward the "then and now" prices for these properties to the press? Various papers would have a well deserved field day with them, and the K+P credibility would get the kicking it probably deserves. The address for the Guardian Media diary column, which everyone in the media reads, is monkey@mediaguardian.co.uk PLEASE.....! EDIT And please include the Kirsty quote "if someone comes to you and says ... 'I'm planning to jump off a cliff', you don't hold their hand".....
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