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  1. Sorry was I interupting your *****fest...Such a shame. Oh these Olympics how bad are they? moan groan look at me I'm a protester like you Crumbs how easy is this :-) As you were
  2. Or you could sit here and moan rather than actually get out and do something.. Your protestations are pretty piss poor...
  3. So being a keyboard warrior whinging about stuff is now the way of 'protesting' ? When I was a kid protesters took to the streets!
  4. Are you telling me there were no prisons in your youth? Exactly how old are you???
  5. He also has the right to refuse to pay tax as a protest and take the consequences. Now that would be a far more honourable poistion than whinging on a forum which isn't protesting at all it's just moaning for the sake of it....
  6. Exactamundo. tax isn't mine or your money it's ours at best, or more closer the nations.
  7. This really doesn't work as an argument. We all pay tax and there are always things we disagree with. That's democracy in action suck it up :-)
  8. Been seconded to the Canoe park as we were mission critical services. When it was being built I was reasonably convinced it was a 32m white elephant. However from what I have been told by different sources it had been booked before the Olympic work was done and is fully booked for the rest of the year once the legacy work is one.Financially it has far exceeded expectations and is making reasonable money As regards the seats The public seating was (by my visual estimation) day 1= full day2 99%full day 3 95% day 4 99% day 5 full the issue was with the accreditations. We were wandering a
  9. I really do so hope we are entering a bubble as late last year I invested some money in a small startup valued then at 2m which 6 months later is being valued at 100m. Any more than 500m and I can retire: so wish me luck :-)
  10. I was listening to R5 recently with Peter Allen chatting to a co-host and there was much sucking in of teth midst talk of tightening belts, cutting back and not spending. I thought then what on Earth is one of the most powerful men in radio (apparently) even contemplating that he would ever need to cut back given he's paid far in excess of the national average and unless he does something rather silly is there till he retires..
  11. Because it would bring football down like a house of cards perchance...
  12. Being dragged round Tesco recently on a Sat early afternoon on several occasions I am amazed how quiet it is these days and how many offers are in store.I can't believe they can hit targets this year unless they are factoring in non groceries such as insurance etc
  13. Back in the mid Eighties I worked at Gatwack and lived in Merstham. Seemed pretty reasonable to me and 15 mins to work..
  14. Or rather a huge shortage of habitable land. I believe something like 90% of the population live within 50 miles of the sea.. The rest is left for God to live in
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