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  1. I have just read a french article last night suggesting some severe volatility from the 20th of February by juxtaposing the current market fluctuations with the ones of the 30's by changing the day unit to a week... I start wondering if he is right now...
  2. I would very much disagree with this appalling comment. You definitely need to look a bit further than your TV screen I think. Quickly. First of all, there is a lag in the ecomomic situation between the USA and the UK and then between the UK and the EU, secondly you have to look at the level of exposure of these financial institutions to these dodgy instruments worldwide. As a result, the UK had to act very quickly and before some European countries to avoid a collapse of their banking system. They had no choice and Brown shrewdly used his "innovative" rescue actions to be perceived as the world saver. Regarding the measures taken. There is absolutely no new reflation concept! These are basic stimulus actions used over and over by many countries in difficulty. The problem, and that's why it is used by politicians, people living in modern countries never experienced and lived through such financial turmoil in their respective countries. This is all new for them. What Gordon Brown and his team are doing is just bought the Economic Stimuli for Dummies and they simply try everything on it without sensible judgment and that tax cut is a TRUE DEMONSTRATION! They have absolutely no clue and he said it himself he will try everything he can because for him doing everything that is possible is obvioulsy better for the long term.
  3. Something to really consider here is to aggregate the public debt with the personal one. It is true that until now the UK had a low public debt compare to the other countries but what has Gordon Brown managed to do in order to achieve that 40% figure is to pass that debt onto the taxpayer. The personal debt basically trebled in the past 10 years and is far worse than any country! And that's why you will never hear a labour politician mentioning that personal debt. It is a huge contributor to the mess we are now in and is the main reason why we are in a far worse position to fight the recession than the other leading countries.
  4. The situation is getting so ridiculous for him having been a chancellor for 10 years that whatever he says now will be so laughable and even more as the situation is worsening. He is basically shooting himself in the foot whenever he speaks! Gordon you will have to capitulate at one point or the asylum will get you! EDIT: for typo
  5. Unfortunately people cannot believe such extreme ideas until there are really facing it. At the moment, the governments inject as many billions as it is necessary to stabilise the markets. They succeeded but only for a while until the next bombS explode and the massive redundancy plans and insolvencies we are hearing everyday is one of them which will have dramatic consequences on the already damaged house market and consumption.
  6. Notice that the BBC mentions the 44.5% public debt which is still a very good number compare to the other big nations. When Strauss-Khan mentions "disturbing" I guess he includes the liabilities of the recently partly nationalised banks.
  7. Ok let's assume that what she stipulates is true, it is uncomparable with her own vested interest and enjoyment to push people into unsustainable debt levels to the benefit of her and other greedy upstarts btl portfolios. Kirstie Allsopp I just hope that you will end up in tears with your btl mates, turn your greed into disorder eating and as a result triple in volume physically proving how covetous you are! My first conservative prediction is a quintal by end of 2009...
  8. Wrong forum for that information. I advise you to jump to http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com where there are plenty of relevant threads on the subject.
  9. Not too sure many people will believe that. It does not matter which currency you buy your gold from. The dollar is used as a reference because it is still the biggest trading currency. Just consider gold as a currency and it all makes sense.
  10. This is total garbage, I would like to see the criteria. I don't know about pupils but as far as university is concerned, the level is really low compared to the rest of Europe so assuming the article is true then there must a tremendous gap betwee 14 and 18! As a foreigner who studied both in France, Italy and in the UK, I can frankly say that the level of physics and especially maths is poor compared to the continent. Just by looking at the financial industry and more specifically the quants, the big french engineering schools are very appreciated on the CVs.
  11. You are right and chips in your head will enable you to avoid any excess.
  12. Totally agree! I can't stand it either. The whole concept seems so artificial to me. I run twice a week outside, play tennis (at my tennis club) and do my own gym at home. I don't need people around me in order to feel motivated to work out. It is only good I suppose if you are single...
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