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  1. Nationwide building society seem to be ok, just complaining about paying increased cash to the bailout fund. No RMBS problems in america, massive cash buffer .
  2. Mega, could you cut back o the new topics, mostly a link with no explanation and nothing else.
  3. I used to like him, but his comments about not being at fault, nobody able to predict it and the constant failing of the their own inflation predictions has turned me off him. The attitude is too relaxed, like a man advising the house is on fire but probably nobody is home so it's not a big deal. Plus the constant " lessons learned" which he was doing back in 2005,06,07,08,09 , there is a limit to referring to your own mistakes while offering at the same time a calm vision of the future. Still he does give it 20 years until the next peak. Perhaps he is just making the same mistake he's made before, overplaying the stability and glossing over the collapse of the UK.
  4. 1-3 years you say. Unlikely to happen, GM and Ford are too big to fail. The hedge funds will have covered themselves which is the point of hedging so derivatives are safe anyway. The debt is highly rated and the share price is only going to go up.
  5. Recession proof in America, not so much over here I thought.
  6. Yes there is a chance it will work, there is also a chance it will make things worse and a chance it will do nothing at all. The odds seem to be it will make things worse, or stretch out the depression.
  7. look4property is a better domain name, I already used it by mistake. They also run http://www.instructtheagent.com/ on the same server.
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