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  1. Yes I'll get pictures when I come back to mow the lawn, it might be a while before I can post them though because I won't have broadband for 2 weeks as the previous people where wer're going haven't cancelled with BT at that address yet and we have another provider, apparently that's how long it could take, AAAArgh! I suppose this topic will have sunk without trace in the mean time. The whole economy might have crashed by the time I'm back on line and I wouldn't even know. I think it sound advice as well to fight the LL over the garden if I'm going to have to......and I so enjoy peace and quiet too.
  2. What another LL or EA? I'm moving house TOMORROW, I am very busy packing for moving. She has never mentioned the garden or anything else as a problem in the whole 4 years I've been there. She showed prospective Tenants around the house and garden 2 weeks ago, no mention of a problem. and I've already said I was going to cut the grass (not that long anyway as it's been mown regularily) and tidy up generally (it's not that bad if you saw it you'd wonder wtf was the problem) BUT THAT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THIS LL. For Pete's sake do I make myself clear.
  3. Re landscape it not tidy it up, that apparently isn't good enough for this LL. And why do some people think we should assiduously keep our side of the Tenancy and the LL do zero about keeping there's ''FFS'' I'm starting to wonder how many posters on this website are LL or EA
  4. Planner said (quote) On a purley "does anyone know note". If a AST was granted after the TDS start date and the LL didnt put deposit money in the a TDS a then at the end of the tenancy refused to pay the money back, would you sue for 1. non-return of despoit or 2. no deposit in TDS scheme? As I understand it the LL loses the right to give 2 months notice if they don't use the scheme but charge a deposit, also they have to write to you within 14 days notifying you which aspect of the scheme they are using (there are 2 options) if they fail to do this ditto, and you, in effect become a secure Tenant. Presumably this is so they can't wriggle out by giving you 2 months notice if you complain, as they are still able to do if you take them to court for not doing repairs. LL bought this upon themselves with their own greed and dishonesty. And I suspect there will be more to come as more voters become Private Tenants rather than in Social Housing (which is where I started off and I wish after 3 crappy private Tenancies with the usual LL avarice that I still was,(it never felt like the serfdom of private renting) at least until sanity is forced to return and I can hopefully buy one.)
  5. Not unjustified from the Tenants' perspective. This law has been put in place because the legislaters recognise that too many LL are crooks and habitually steal Tenant's deposit money, it is punitive because the new rules are an effective means of detering all too common theft of other people's money. Now that it has been established in law that too many LL are crooks and not to be trusted I suspect there may be more similar penalties for infringements by LL. Is Gorgeous George a LL or connected with them by any chance?
  6. Thanks to everyone for their advice, particularily BamBam .I manged to get free legal advice from a local housing solicitor, telling her the situation as it stands, she laughed and said the LL was trying it on, hadn't a case and not to worry. One thing I dug up on the internet during the course of this is that it seems under the new TDS if a landlord doesn't use the scheme or fails to notify you in writing within 14 days you are entitled to have your deposit returned AND the LL loses the right to give the Tenant 2 months notice, in effect it becomes a secure Tenancy. I don't know if this has been widely known by everyone except me (until recently) or if anyone can confirm that this is indeed the case.
  7. Is this the case even if the LL bought a cheap £1.50 Tenancy agreement from WH Smith (which we had to pay for) that makes no mention at all in any roundabout way to maintaining the garden? I had intended to mow the lawn (which has always been mown regularily) and tidy up a bit but don't expect to have to radically re-landscape the garden at the last minute after 4 years of no complaint.
  8. I get your point, but the LL has hardly been reasonable in neglecting the house for 4 years with 0 repairs done for the last 3 of them( not exaggerating) while putting the rent up 25% in the last 2 years. The house has deteriorated considerably since we took it on with the LL ignoring potential safety problems even, hence us leaving, so I don't feel too bad about not keeping the garden up 100%, and as I said there's nothing actually in the contract specifying anything about the garden, let alone what permitted size shrubs and bushes grow to or where garden plants should or shouldn't be allowed to grow. Also considerable amounts of garden fencing blew down over the last 12 months never to be replacd by the LL. When we took the garden on it was fenced so it's not exactly as we took the house on anyway
  9. Thanks for the reply. I can't find even any vague mention of the garden in the tenancy agreement. The lawns will be cut etc but the LL expects shrubs and trees to be cut and pruned excessively. It's more an overabundant mass of garden plants than weeds, the last tenants over planted the garden and it's been a nightmare to keep. I'm just wondering if an LL can keep a deposit if the garden happens not to be in their style ie heavily pruned and strictly ordered.
  10. Can a Landlord keep a deposit for an untidy garden when there is no clause in the Tenancy agreement mentioning it? Just wondering what the position on this is? Thanks in advance for anyone who knows.
  11. Or more as the case might be? I have had savings for a deposit for a house sitting around in a small local building society. For some time I've been troubled by the idea that it won't be there anymore by the time house prices crash, this idea has grown significantly recently. Don't know much about the fnancial system, could anyone enlighten me? Could a small building society have been behaving in the ridiculous way that has been current and is it likely that they would be caught up in the mess even if they hadn't? Another question. If you saved with the Coop Bank or Tesco say, would the banking part of the company if it went under be seperate from the rest of the company or would it have to bail out the banking part? Anyway if anyone with sufficient financial knowledge could help me out I'd be significantly relieved. Thanks in advance.
  12. Exactly so. I would not wish to buy a house if it were otherwise. The Tenancy laws in the UK are offensive, as is the amount of money(and risk)needed to buy a house. Not a nice place to live.
  13. I only turned your own comment around on yourself. I suggest you do some dramatic evolving.
  14. 1.Unpleasant is still, well, unpleasant. 2.I didn't expect you to 3.Why do you bother putting YOUR views forward here then?
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