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  1. This is a well written article, but I am puzzled by one line. "house prices barely rise for a prolonged period as greater affordability is restored. " It would need to be a very prolonged period, or wages would need to rise by a very large amount in my view.
  2. Thought there was no subprime mortgage market in the UK ? Ho Hum
  3. My feelings exactly JimmyMac. Soon have a return to Rachmanism.
  4. A nice comment pimperne1 I agree with you in principle that it is in no ones interest. It would make no sense to have a default and an empty house, with a potentially decreasing value and no money coming in at all. It would seem logical to have some repayment of the loan, even if it was not in full. However, it seems that logic goes out of the window in the housing market. I see a lot of empty houses and homeless families and that is the real shocker. In some instances, not all, the family only wanted a place to live. It shouldn't be that much to ask should it ?
  5. Clearly, the C of E needs the money. Go to Google and key in Metro Centre Church England and you will see why
  6. Hello - Interest only mortgage - when I took out a my mortgage over 20 years ago, there was no such thing. You had to have a vehicle to pay the capital back over the life of the loan. Wait a minute? Do I recall most people took out an endowment policy ? Of course, we all know where a lot of those ended up. Did we learn nothing from history ?
  7. Maybe you heard about this, but one of our local estate agent's office caught fire. They of course diallled 999. The conversation went like this. Operator - Hello, emergency. Which service do you require ? Estate Agent - Fire please and be quick. Our office is on fire ! Operator - Where are you located Estate Agent - A central location with a fine aspect, close to all amenities in a much sought after area etc, etc. etc
  8. But would I climb over her to get to you ? Please send photograph.
  9. I couldn't agree more. Hope the greedy patronising so and so gets what's coming to her.
  10. y Hello Razzle Dazzle - Tate and Lyle produce sugar from sugar cane. However, the also process starch to make sugar syrups- so called high fructose corn syrups etc. The starch comes chiefly from maize. Incidentally, maize is also used a lot in beer production in the UK too. Maybe a more expensive pint ?
  11. Yes, this is happening a lot in the Skipton, North Yorkshire area.
  12. Hello All. I am 53 and my children constantly remind me of this. We live in the Yorkshire Dales - could you guess ?, and I have no plans to move. I hope there is a crash or a reduction in house prices soon, as my grown up children would like a place of their own and cannot afford to buy (or rent) in our area. I would struggle to buy even a first time buyers house in our village and I would definitely not be able to buy my exsiting house from scratch. I regard myself as fairly lucky as we bought our first home (how I hate the word property) in the 1980's when the market was a lot more sensible than it is now. The whole system is a shambles, managed and manipulated by a few greedy individuals. There, I have vented some of my spleen. I have a question as I am relatively new to this forum. Can anyone tell me what VI stands for please ? I have some ideas. Venereally infected Viciously invective Very intelligent - no Vaguely intelligent Very ignorant Regards to all
  13. Morning everyone. I am not a financier or an economist, but it strikes me that this is re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. The real sadness is that those responsible will be in the lifeboats, while the rest of us will be left to struggle. If I made the same mess running a company, I would be out of business, probably prosecuted and homeless to boot.
  14. There is a need for a house price crash. It will cause a lot of pain I am sure, but I and others will take no personal satisfaction in that. I will take satisfaction that my children will be able to afford a place to live, whether they buy or not. House purchase prices and rental prices are inextricably linked and both are unaffordable in our area in the Yorkshire Dales. I am sure the same is true elsewhere in the U.K. I find the plethora of TV programmes on buying, "improving" and selling "property", to make a fast buck ,rather nauseating. It is interesting to note that the presenters cannot cope with or understand when a purchaser buys a house to live in and enjoy. Each time a house is bought and sold in this way, prices go up further out of reach of those looking for a place to live. We are fortunate that we bought our first house many years ago and we live in a nice, but modest house, in a lovely part of the country. Interesting to note that I would not be able to afford to buy a "first time buyer" home in our area from scratch. If I tried to do this under the present circumstances, I would need to raise a 10% deposit as well. This is the legacy we have left for our children and younger generation. That is why I believe we need a house price correction or crash - it amounts to the same thing.
  15. This is an interesting article, but we need to be careful when looking at percentages. 30% of a few million Euros, the owner can afford to lose on the basis that the house value probably inflated by that much in the last 2 or 3 years. It does not reflect the general population. A far more seriuos issue is if house prices in the more normal range fall by 10% or 15%. This will maybe represent the only equity held in a house.
  16. This is robbery. There are many individuals and organisations who believe that decency is a form of weakness. You seem to figure amongst them. Of course, many people have borrowed unwisely, but it should not provide an excuse, or offer and opportunity for them to be further exploited. The practice of buying and renting back should be properly regulated, so that people who find themselves in this unfortunate situation, can be treated properly and fairly.
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