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  1. Always look at what you pay as well as how much you pay. Ask to see a projection of the debt. You may be saving £50 a month, if you can even get a deal now, but it is of little use if you are paying more in fees and interest. You become worse off and the banks prosper.
  2. Thought that was a noise you heard outside a brothel
  3. Magnus Magnusson - "Your name please ?" Martin Bamford - "Martin Bamford" Magnus Magnusson - "Your specialist subject ?" Martin Bamford - "Stating the obvious" Magnus Magnusson - "You have 2 minutes on stating the obvuious starting now - errr - How much will you charge ?"
  4. My parents bought their first house in 1959. My dad was a semi-skilled manual worker. Mum never went out to work. They were what we would term "working classs" It was a very nice 3 bedroom semi. Dad had a car, a caravan at the seaside and took us on holiday every year. No other debts as it was a social stigma, no credit cards etc. No chance of doing that now. We have made property unaffordable. We have also dismantled our manufacturing industry, so we have little or nothing to export. Sorry for those who have heard me say this all before, but constant kicking eventually wears the hardest stone.
  5. I agree Fergie. What a nauseating woman and spineless man. I hope they crash and burn.
  6. http://www.keighleynews.co.uk/news/newskei...y_boom_town.php The article is really what you would expect from an Estate Agent. The comments at the end tell the real story
  7. How on earth can an individual be allowed to do this. What is even worse is that all his witless friends then follow up.
  8. My view, for what it is worth is as follows. If it is true that B and B wish to buy a part of Northern Rock, they should be told in no uncertain terms, that they buy all of it or none of it. Why should the taxpayers be exploited any further ?
  9. In her new role as adviser to the tory party, maybe she will spout bollotix - politically correct boll.... as opposed to the usual boll....
  10. . Perfectly ridiculous. What a dump. Let Rightmove live in this awful, stark plasterboard, MDF and stainless steel. sterile hole. They have as much soul as this building. £205k will buy very a nice old well built family home in Skipton. There are good rail links to Leeds and London (for that matter) The beer is better and cheaper too.
  11. Interesting article. I am sure it is realtively easy for an indvidula or organisation to work out how much I owe on plastic or on a mortgage. How do they know how much spare cash I have ? Without that piece of information the argument in the article is meaningless.
  12. There are 2 sides to this story. If you cannot afford it, you have to do without. As parents of a largely grown up family, this is how we work and how we worked. Some people never learn or wish to live like this. None the less, it is despicable beyond belief to to offer this kind of a "service" to vlunerable people at this kind of interest rate. Greedy, grasping and cruel.
  13. I agree Integral. We can take some satisfaction in the HPC as it unfolds, but I fear the consequences. Leaving the market issues aside, we need to start thinking about people. There will be many people homeless and maybe penniless. How they arrived in that state will not be important, but human nature is. A full scale HPC will probably result in a change of government and this could create a vacuum into which all sorts of people and influences will be drawn. There could be many people and groups seeking to exploit the situation and taking the law into their own hands. You can expect little or no support from the police as they have been emasculated or drowned in a sea of political correctness after 10 years of the present administration. It may be a short lived celebration for us and may be the start of a much bigger problem.
  14. I have a fairly good idea about our area in North Yorkshire. Typical new build is about £170,000. So you may need to put £51,000 down. So, not much chance of that. How long before other lenders jump on this bandwagon and cover their backsides like A and L ? This is a very significant development.
  15. I took a look and quite frankly do not know whether to laugh or cry. Thinks........... Well I decided to laugh I can offer executive parking at the rear of my house with nice views over the Yorkshire Dales for say £10 a week
  16. A local house has been for Sale at £220k for about 3 months. For Sale sign disappeared about one week ago and now another agents sign appeared. The price is now £210k. I will keep a lookout in the area for other examples. Maybe the EA's are getting there heads together to hide the true picture ?
  17. My dear old Mum, had some lovely sayings, one of which is quite appropriate for this rubbish of an article. "They may live in hope, but they will die in despair"
  18. You make a very interesting point. It is easy to get over excited about house prices falling, VI's having to accept the consequences of their greed and a return to some kind of sense in the housing market. The biggest casualties however will be ordinary people who just want somewhere to live. I really fear the consequences if we have tens or hundreds of thousands of homeless people on our streets. I am sure the people who caused the problem will have their snouts in another trough andwill leave some one else to sort out the mess. The future of this forum could coming up with ways of sorting this whole mess out. I am sure there will be a lot to do.
  19. I agree Sir Talbot - may I call you Talbot ? If you or I came up with the idea and tried to sell it, we would be locked up for fraud. For them there is no comeback as Joe public seems happy to pick up the bill.
  20. Give it a few weeks and for Kirsty, it will be Vocation, Vocation, Vocation as she looks for a new job
  21. Looks more like a Teddy Bears picnic every day. Maybe I can ask British Gas to write off my gas bill, then there's the electricicity, council tax, insurance etc........ ?
  22. Hi wannabebear. I think you are absolutely right. I would not take a risk buying a house at the moment as the market is at best falling and at worst, just standing still. As for peoples sentiment, that is a different matter. When I bought my first house over 20 years ago, the endowment mortgages were all the rage. It was a big topic of conversation, as house price inflation was not as rampant as it is now. A lot of people were taking out IO mortgages backed with an endowment policy and were told, or led to believe that they would be able to pay off the mortgage years early and have tens of thousands of pounds left over. On advice from a fund manager friend, we did not go for an endowment. Friends and relatives told us were were crazy. The salesman told us we were stupid and financially unsophisticated. Phrases like licence to print money, sharing in the stock market boom, money for nothing and you cannot lose, all failed to persuade us. You will know where the dream ended up for a lot of people. I am afraid the property dream will end up as a nightmare for many people. It's not that they cannot see it, they just do not want to. With the benefit of experience and age, I can see nothing but trouble if you go down the path of borrowing more than you can afford to pay back. You are not mad to rent, as I believe that rental prices will hold or fall and house prices are falling and will fall further.
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