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  1. Corrie and HPI, the opium of the people.
  2. Good points. My best response is "Nuclear Power ? , Yes Please"
  3. Maybe a shot in the arm for the sellers, but unfortunately, the buyers keep on getting kicked in the head. So, the joy will be short lived. Roll on tomorrow's news.
  4. The sort of businesses that CIT are funding are the real engine of the economy, but the bankers and politicians seem to have lost sight of this. How much deeper can their heads go down in the sand ?
  5. The only green shoots here are growing under the sign.
  6. Were the mirrors on the ceiling by any chance ?
  7. Hello Lander - yes I am sure. I did a lot of work with GSK.
  8. Hello Lander - just a correction - Seroxat/Paroxetine is manufactured by GSK and not Pfizer.
  9. If I had a choice between paying an Interest only mortgage (renting from the bank) or renting from a landlord at roughly the same price, I would go for the latter. The bank will not do the repairs or upkeep.
  10. Only signed on once in 1975 after University. The process took most of the day, taking bits of paper back and forth to various offices. I was told I needed to sign on a Wednesday, but explained that I had an interview next Wednesday, so that was a higher priority. OK, just sign on Thursday. When Thursday arrived, I was asked "why did you not sign yestrday ? and was asked to go through the whole day long process again. All this just to get a pittance of a few pounds. My old Dad ripped up the papers and gave me a few pounds each week. I have never used the system since. Incidentally, I got the job.
  11. Hi Laurejon - I am fairly sure that the man referred to Home Improvements. It didn't appear to me that £110k had been spent. I have virtually rebuilt the inside of 2 houses in the past 20 years and did not spend a fraction of that. Telling porkies I think.
  12. This is off topic I know, but we need to look at the consequences of the present crisis. As I tucked in to my evening meal I overheard a report on ClassicFM news. I attached the link from the BBC new website. There are some very sad statistics which show the true extent of the hardship and an increase in death rate as a consequence of the current cold weather. Once again, our most vulnerable citizens silently bear the brunt as there pensions are eroded by inflation, falling interest rates and taxes. Cold weather payments have been triggered, but is it too little and too late. Can I suggest we look in on any old or vulnerable people in our neighbourhood to at see they are OK and getting all the help they are entitled too. Millions to get weather pay-outs
  13. All sounds very strange. VAT payments are made to HMRC either by cheque or by electronic payment. Any VAT refund due from HMRC is paid directly into the business bank account and cheques are never issued. I am looking at our company's latest VAT and ECSL return and both have replied paid envelopes.
  14. Hello Fozziebear. I agree with your sentiments and comments. It is all to easy to talk percentages and figures but we sometimes lose sight of the fact that there are people on the receiving end and these people just want somewhere to live. I am lucky that I am old enough to have a trivial mortgage and I have very fond memories of my late parents who lived in a society which was largely credit free and better for it. My old Dad was very wise and fair and used to say "you can forgive inexperience, but not stupidity". People will argue that "must have it now" is the human condition, peer pressure etc., but it is flawed and stupid. I have no sympathy for people like this or for so called property developers and their privileged TV presenter supporters. I do genuinely feel sorry for the hardworking folks who suffer illness, redundancy or possibly homelessness and are tarred with the same brush as some spendthrift.
  15. As I understand it, they also have another £100,000 secured against the house by another lender. NatWest are protecting their interests. It is all well and good becoming heated and indignant when these nasty banks threaten to take away your "property", but we should always remember that it is not yours until it is paid for. A question for any financial expert - who in fact has title to the property - NatWest, second lender or both. How does this work ?
  16. My dear old Mum passed away a few years ago and she was never short of a few (wise) words. This would have been her response. "Son, they will live in hope, but they will die in despair" I cannot say any more.
  17. Hi SuperTed. Mrs Yorkshireman and I have been married for nearly 30 years. We have only ever spent what we could afford and from memory, our wedding cost about £400, including rings and a reception/disco. We were married in a registry office. Working back, it was about 3 weeks salary. Of course, your wedding day is important, but it seems to me that the costs and spending are now all out of proportion. I have heard figures of £10 to £15k, which is a nonsense in my book. Your guests may have a hangover for a day or so, but you could have a much bigger one for several years. Have a nice day, keep it simple and have fun. The best investment you can make is in your partner and family.
  18. I have had a few thousand in premium bonds for about 5 years now. This is not all in one block of bonds. Like you, I have had a few wins, in fact 2 in May. I have had a better rate of return than in the bank, on the basis that it is tax free. Winnings go straight back into bonds.
  19. I live oop north as you can guess from my user name. Various reasons why I would not move to the South East, but I will only mention one. My house - very nice victorian terrace house valued around £200k. Last week I read on this very website about a "perfectly ordinary terraced house" in London valued at £770k. Do I need to go on. I also have very nice views over the Dales. Because of the location of the think tanks heads, they cna only see the inside of a dark tunnel - yes, you guessed it.
  20. I agree with your comments on the haulage industry as it would be a much better use of public money. As I see it, the housing market represents "industry" to the government and to a lot of others, as we have little or no manufacturing or real industry left. Their glorious past and our future seems to depend on selling houses to one another at ever increasing prices. It is fantasy world, which Carolyn Flint and others are desperate to hang on to. Her performance was lamentable but not surprising. Do not expect her to get real.
  21. Perfectly ridiculous, even for the South East
  22. VP, I agree wholeheartedly. Some councils in England have declared themselves to be Nuclear Free Zones. Same argument really. It is a global economy and whatever bomb falls, be it nuclear or financial, we all experience some of the fallout. House prices in Scotland will fall, the same as they will everywhere else.
  23. Drive out towards Otley and you will see the newbuild apartments, as yet unsold.
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