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  1. Just to get the ball rolling, I'll say £155,000.
  2. No, not trolling - it's really Yorkshireman
  3. Unless you have an interest only mortgage - aka renting from the bank
  4. What liabilities do you get with the free property and are any improvement grants available ? When will they learn that you cannot continue to fool all of the people, all of the time.
  5. Hello all. I was surprised to read this thread as I did not start it. I asked admin to change my password, which has now been done. Just to set the record straight, my eldest son is a JUNIOR doctor in an Essex hospital. In August, he will be moving to Edinburgh for 2 years. He will not of course be buying a house, as there is little point when he has to move again in such a short time. Apologies on behalf of the troll, whoever he she or it may be, but it does seem to have been a lively discussion.
  6. I appear to have touched a raw nerve Rachman. I am sure my son knows a good and equally dedicated neurology specialist who can help you out.
  7. Eldest son is a senior doctor and has been offered his dream position in a cancer speciality in a prestigious London hospital. He CANNOT accept, in spite of being offered an excellent salary. Here is his reasoning. 1. Cannot afford to buy a house 2. Cannot afford to rent a house 3. Will not pay excessive fuel/ parking/congestion and other charges to drive in. 4. Will not pay excessive public transport costs and spend an extra 3 or 4 hours commuting in. Maybe his 4 degrees, years of training and dedication count for nothing. Perhaps he should have gone into banking. A
  8. 'Residential Asset Management Platform' or RAMP for short. Freudian slip ?
  9. If you don't need or don't want to take physical delivery, buy through Bullion Vault, then there is no VAT to pay See Link LINK
  10. Whatever happened to simple accounting, like you see in any well run company ? Credits on one side, debits on the other and a cash book to balance. Maybe too simplistic a view, but at least you know where you are. Think I;ll have a nice cup of coco and turn in. Good night all.
  11. Happy New Year. I can't comment on the price, but I have to say that the presentation is awful. How do they even expect to sell with pictures like that ?
  12. Sounds like a form of charging order to me, so it's nothing new. If you borrow money, it is not unreasonable or unlawful to expect the lender to want it back.
  13. Local property, which has been taken in part exchange by a builder who is keen to off load. Note the 2 agents signs up already. The Jaguar belongs to a third estate agent. I assume his sign will go up shortly. http://www.wilman-wilman.co.uk/property/custfile/24%20Ickornshaw.html
  14. Hello BNW. Nothing to stop them putting loft insulation in and as long as they do not go right up to the edge and obstruct the ventilation, then it should not be a problem. If the place is damp and has a dodgy roof, I would be looking for somewhere else to live as there are some potentially serious health issues here. I woul;d also write to then about the damp problems just to cover yourself. Hope this helps.
  15. A very sad story in the Daily Mail involving murder, suicide and an 800k house. My link The comments sum it all up.
  16. Agreed. Profit has to be made and we must get back to being a more industrial nation. Maybe this kind of shock will be a push in the right direction for some people and a kick up the backside for some others.
  17. Borrow to Let or maybe and more appropriately, Borrow to Lose.
  18. Hello Eric. I would like to add a small and true anecdotal. One of my older children works in commercial debt recovery for a lending institution. I cannot give any more details. Said offspring visited a 'property developer/landlord' who had at one point 'owned' 10 properties, or houses as I prefer to call them. All of these houses had been repossessed and one the sale of the first two, the aggregate loss was £60k. The 'developer' was quite indignant about the whole thing and asked why they had been sold 'at a loss' and why the mortgage capital had never reduced. Offspring replied "do you understand what an Interest Only Mortgage is", to which there was no response. That is why ordinary people are priced out. Now, I read the article and I see the line 'The property price falls instigated by the recent financial crisis' It should of course read 'The financial crisis instigated by the absurd increases in property price' It is a combination of greed and stupidity.
  19. You have to have a bank account before you can register for VAT. On-line filing is much better and you even get 10 or 12 days extra before you have to pay any money over. On the downside, you HAVE to agree to paying by Direct Debit, so they have their eyes and hands into your bank account. It has been very well publicised too.
  20. 'Is that a 100 kilos of gold in your trousers, or are you just pleased to see me'
  21. "Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?" ``If they would rather die,'' said Scrooge, ``they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population. Of course, the poor and disadvantaged have no right to somewhere to live.
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