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  1. Earlier Post Today

    Posted earlier today on the Cornwall thread but sat bemused with this one too

    Somerset £210,000

    Green Street properties selling around £150,000 mark according to sold prices on RM.

    Someone over on the other forum asked today if "things are back to normal". Looking at Rightmove in the areas that I watch I would say that people would like to think they are "back to normal" with "normal" being peak plus, but there are a lot of properties becoming available, according to RM as "post auction" :o) and a lot of properties not selling and properties reducing £10,000 an still not selling, and properties up-ing at least £10,000 even though they never sold at £10,000 less!

    Sorry to hear you are not well Dweller. I have the flu' as well and am to weak to even get the Lucozade to my lips. I looked at the links and it made me feel worse !

  2. A house near us, on the market for over 2 years has been SSTC twice at £151,950. It is now For Sale again at £155,000. An identical house next door sold in January 2012 for 123,950 after about 4 weeks on the market. I suppose we can take some consolation that the EA only thinks prices have gone up by about 2% in 2 years.

  3. He did not 'lose seven properties'. Property by definition, is something that you own and have title to. If they had been his properties, owned by him, then he would have been able to hold on to them, sell them, or rent them out. The reality is that his business has failed, like many other better businesses, as his business model was based on the illusion that property prices always go up. I read only yesterday, that UKAR was set up to prevent the collapse of Northern Rock et al and this is not true. Northern Rock had collapsed, just like this man's 'property' business.

    As usual with the DM, we only know a part of the sob story and we would need to know, the amount of the mortgage on the properties, their location, the level of arrears, the condition, rentability and saleability of the houses, the number of houses for sale in those areas and the actual sale prices that have been achieved.

    I suspect that we would find that the EA's and valuers were living in the same dream world that this man and other 'property developer types' inhabit and that the taxpayer had received fair value in a falling market.

  4. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/foodanddrinknews/9236262/Price-of-a-pint-could-fall-by-10p-thanks-to-bumper-barley-crops.html

    Music to Mystic Mervs ears.

    Although I doubt we'll see 10p off a pint, but it's a good story to spin.

    I worked in brewing for many years. The cost of the malted barley in the brew is about £0.05 per litre, making some simple assumptions about O.G. etc.

    Not all barley is suitable for malting as only certain varieties can be used and they need to be low in nitrogen, grown with little fertiliser. Most critically, it needs to germinate. So, if we have a long hot summer, like 1976, we will have a lower yield and a tendency to high nitrogen and if we have a wet summer, 1978, from memory, we will have a lot of pre-germination, making the barley useless for malting. Rather than a 10 pence a pint decrease, you can expect a 5 pence a pint increase.

    Mark my words and stock up a few cans now

  5. The first rule of HPC Black Day Jinx Club is: you do not talk about HPC Black Day Jinx Club. The second rule of HPC Black Day Jinx Club is: you DO NOT talk about HPC Black Day Jinx Club!

    In Lancashire, I heard it's Black Pudding Wednesday.

  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13781390

    It would appear that the EU elites are starting to realise they can't sweep this under the carpet for much long and TSHTF on their watch.

    Although you've got to admire their determination that they can solve this by throwing even more debt at Greece. The only solution is default and any future funding based on the Greeks having to run a balanced budget perpetually.

    I agree and the EU need to realise that the only long term way out is to go back to making and selling real tangible things, to real people, who can pay for them with real money.

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