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  1. Had a "shoe shine" moment today - had an estate agent advising me to buy gold
  2. crazy action today - we seem to be on the precipe again!!
  3. The classic shoe shine moment - do the opposite of what the sheeple are being told ----- and i note that one of te papers is doing a peice on gold.............
  4. The best one me and mrs P heard was "tonight it will mostly be dark" - i was thinking of a change of career!! Back to inflation - the dollar is holding within a range, which means commoditiies are just raising on speculation - as with all bubbles......................
  5. Please do crashman, as i have noticed that the thread doesnt seem to be going with your intent. So post away
  6. I started using the train in about november after sitting in traffic for so long and paying extortionant prices for the privlage, i started to use the train - its faster, more relaxing, no stress, and most importantly , costs exactly the same money without putting any wear on the car as a bonus!
  7. channel two right now - the delivery of fear through television.!!
  8. You have to wonder what qualifications these people have ; there clearly using something called "semiotics" in the advert. To start with the advert shows the camera going through two pilliars - pillars being being the sign of sturdiness and granjar (SIC), the fact the camera goes through the pillars, means your being invited into a safe environment. The people going down on the track shows the man leading with his back showing that its easy for him to lead. The next bit shows them going up hill, and focus' on the women struggerling, imposing a sense of responsibility to the man for putting his partner through so much hard work - the sense of guilt - so already the male viewer has had opposed to him the sense and confirmation of his leadership, and then the sense of guilt as his wife struggles. The female viewer would only feel empowered by leading at first and pushing them along (very forceful in many government ads), and then the distress of feeling they are struggerling, and because of the focus on her, that she is empowered to say something - empowered and enforced through her changing the track. The squirell, well you probably know this - the squirell is the emblem of saving (within this content), and is planting within your head that you could save money by switching. This is enforced (considerably by the presenter saying and commenting whats the squirell about) in that you could save money - in your mind you know why the squirrel is there, and the commentator is forcing you to recognise that you could save money. Simples See sig! (apologies for spelling) AND PS: if your going to form an objection, it needs to be around the advert causing a sense of fear, and guilt - which I believe are illegal under statute law.
  9. Expect we will see the 40 year mortgage here soon - and the pozi continues
  10. Just shown my mrs this thread (shes not an avid reader) - but she had a real chuckle reading the posts ----- and a job well done by you guys on uncovering this - the thing is the media will never report as there all in the same club (TPTB). Clearly some manipulation of stats here going on -LOL - how desperate have they become!!
  11. Dow gap fill 15th November
  12. Yes - but, with timber frame the structure tends to stay in place (after fire they still stand are generally intact (ive seen five latley)) - the problem with steel is its failure at certain ttemperatures means complete collapse - as ive said timber frame is better than steel - better insulated, better fire proofing, cheaper heating. States is different from us as they probably dont cut as much corners - i know of steel framed structures that have nothing but damp and water penetration problems, because of the nature of the construction, ie, i bet they used a plasterboard internal wall section, and if it has render it will be a solid wall construction - really is pants.
  13. Timber frame is traditionally more frowned upon - the problem with steel, in my opinion is that its never properly fire retarded - id never live in one anyway. Sounds like, as they have already raised the question, that there not going to lend - this may be a blessing in disguise!
  14. apparently theres a press conference at 20:15 -- dont have a link though
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