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  1. This thread has recieved 3000+ visits because it is the most interesting one on this crap website. BTW, I hope the crash doesnt happen, if only to prevent some of the people on here buying houses. Keep renting or living with Mum & Dad. Either way, I cant be bothered to post here any more.
  2. How sad are you then ? What a loser.
  3. Inflaming or pointing out the obvious, not a lot of room for anything else then is their cretin.
  4. Thats because your he is up you ****.
  5. Declined, i will take 600k anbd your mum I shag for free.
  6. I find it absolutly hilarious this North South divide we have on here. It rant time. Last summer it pisseditdown for weeks up north while in the south you enjoyed hot weather, you then have the aduacity to ask for our water as you were in dire need. House prices have gone up in the south far more than the north, but you come on here with comments suchs a s"Theres no way a 4 bed detached house in the suburbs of preston could be worth more than 450k". While in the south you see a 1 bed flat in shitetown and think its ok to buy it for 850k. The southern view of the north is so far off correct it is not even funny and if these same people are giving out predictions I will make sure I have a saltceller close to take a pinch with every post. The house I am selling is worth more than the pittence of 450k valued and I will get it or not sell.
  7. I believe there may be a intersteller flight from your planet to Earth. I suggest you catch it.
  8. I dont want to give details on here. I will say it i worth a lot more compared with crap I have seen in EA windows. I am getting a second and third opinion.
  9. Its worth more than that. I should have sld last year for 500k+ Missed out with the lastest interest rate rises. Everyone shitscared.
  10. Of course not. I fail to seany funny side.
  11. I currently selling my house the EA came around this morning and valued it at 450k, I said I thought it would be worth more, he said " The market is experiencing a slump in the North West. I would just like to say to all of you who "Wanted" a house price crash and a slow down. F==k you very much.
  12. Now this is the type of person (Andy Jones), I would like talk all night over some drinks with in a cosy pub with, not like the PGs in this world. I am off to bed, I hope I have done right sharing this small meal of information with you all, I can only hope not to many of you slag me off until monday when I return. Night everyone and have a great weekend. ( I am trying to NOT patonise, I am Ex-Amercian and thefore I cant help but buy be optimistic).
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