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  1. http://thecrownblogspot.blogspot.com/2009/...ess-mashup.html A quick mashup of GB's Congree speech - what he should have said or what he says here when the Yanks are not listening
  2. I posted a while ago about his youtube channel which is absolutely brilliant
  3. I have now subscribed to his blog so I do not miss any more of his Gems To delight you today He has bought 82 flats http://www.ahuja.co.uk/property-news/ajays...rtgage-is-back/ His reaction to Halifax +1.9% for January http://www.ahuja.co.uk/property-news/ajays...f-amazing-data/ http://www.ahuja.co.uk/property-news/ajays...st-time-buyers/
  4. BTW you can click on the time in the FOREX Factory and adjust it to your time zone - saved my head hurting. out on a limb - HBOS data between -0.2% and +0.2% to get us really annoyed
  5. I agree. However no matter what scale we use, there is no uptrend that can be drawn during those Labour years (the golden age)
  6. Blair and Brown What we need is some more debt to inflate the bubble again
  7. Have we had this chart posted here yet?
  8. It will be flat or slightly positive HBOS are now state owned Brown controls the state Brown manipulates events to suit his political aims Brown needs house prices to stabilise to allow him to remain in power to further destroy our economy Brown needs to destroy the economy so he can further control our lives
  9. and it was seasonally adjusted from 21k to 31k
  10. James Nesbitt and FE was not on SKY as far as I could see
  11. I agree - I was tempted to capture his thoughts as well, but he went on for way too long to upload.
  12. http://thecrownblogspot.blogspot.com/2009/...mberg-26th.html I'm afraid she is still a bear - oh how I miss her bullishness or was that bullshitness. Bring back 'the trend is upwards' - 'lack of supply means house prices will go up' - 'pent up demand'
  13. Yes the FSA gained the powers in 2004. This report is of a speech to the mortgage industry warning them that the FSA would be taking over the regulation and they should get their house in order. Addressing the Council of Mortgage Lenders at its annual lunch, Howard Davies, Chairman of the FSA warned mortgage lenders not to allow 'the hard learned lessons of the last recession to recede from corporate memories'.
  14. Listening to them yesterday, you would think they had no idea that lenders were lending too much and not checking incomes etc. I blogged on this last year here http://thecrownblogspot.blogspot.com/2008/...h-in-march.html the key link is here http://www.frb.co.uk/cgi-bin/dmr5?access=&...ent=2000_03_019 The chairman of the FSA in March 2000 warning the mortgage industry on lending too much to people with too few checks. As always they knew about the problem, but did NOTHING. It's New Labour all over - all talk and no action.
  15. I don't think he understood one was monthly and one yearly, even though that is what he said. Now if it was a kid comeone could rant about the state of our education system.
  16. see the clip here http://thecrownblogspot.blogspot.com/2009/...s-with-his.html If anyone wants to see Fionnuala Earley on Bloomberg I can upload that later this morning - let me know. Just the usual blathering.
  17. here it is http://thecrownblogspot.blogspot.com/2009/...s-with-his.html
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