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  1. Hang on a minute, the recovery is in full swing isn't it? Christmas is here. I heard it on the BBC...
  2. Oh? Didn't I hear somewhere that typing in wilson in google took you to the thread as top result? No wonder they're upset.
  3. The clue was in the name...National You been to any 'National' trust properties lately? There are more effective ways to get rid of money...mugging for example. I concluded the 'National' meant wealthy middle class in the end. Noone else has the money and thus the right to be educated.
  4. I think you're right, but I don't think that's what the voting results would be! Didn't this thread start out with a sub-line about the Afganistan votes?
  5. Great Scott! A post about house prices and nobody even replied to it! By the way, I like the Nouvelle Vague version of Guns of Brixton better.
  6. Actually I was struck by the weirdness of all this on the way to work this morning (I increasingly find myself arriving at home or work with no recollection of the journey) We had to have a Belgian eh? Nobody would let say, a German or a Frenchie do it, and it was all sorted out over a nice meal somewhere. Better than at gunpoint I suppose, but does anyone else get the feeling this is all going to go horribly wrong? I note the Mr Pumpy was placating everyone by saying he say himself as an administrator not a leader? Yeah, right mate, you met my pet Martian? He's called Cyril, and he eats strawberry laces. And where the heck did the name topic go? This forum is wierdness.
  7. I might support her if she decided to dissolve parliament because they wont allow her more money. Would stop those idiots at Westminster from making stupid laws and look what happened last time the monarch got fiesty.
  8. The other two parties lack credibility. Anyone above the age of 30 (who isn't stupidly rich) should be able to recall what the tories were like...as for labour nobody believes a word they say. I don't mean that libdems are therefore ok, just think that credibility within politics is irrelevent.
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