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  1. Saw builders offer for newbuilds this weekend in paper. House prices start at £160K and up to £190K.....(in North East England). for buyers signin up builder offering A. £5k discount B. Fully carpeted C. Kitchen appliences D. 20% OFF NOW DEFERMENT TO BE PAID IN 10 YEARS TIME And people think this is a GOOD thing............ Just a thought
  2. Just remember, If you have just had the offer accepted.........wait till you get the survey done before you think you have no room for further negotiation.......in a Southerly direction of course..... Good Luck
  3. Had a bizzar discussion with local newspaper shop owner. I called to pick up the local property paper last week, and was told that their was none left. I enquired as as to why they seemed to have FLOWN off the shelves, and was told...........Oh no.......the thing is they only printed a limited number this week because the advertising revenue from the EA's in the area was down, it transpires that the shop gets a proportion of the total print run and in April this year my shop owner was getin 100 units per week......this week he got 17...............are they indeed cutting their costs and se
  4. Sorry if someone already posted this but isnt this where our inflation figures are generated from? http://uk.biz.yahoo.com/050711/323/fn2ve.html Highest rate of rise in 20 years
  5. Hi all here I would like those in the know to advise their opinion on the state of the Euro and the Dollar. Are we likley to see the Euro and the dollar strengthen short term. And if so does anyone have an opinion on the levels that they will go to. Thanks
  6. Hi all I have seen posted here that a run on the pound will cause inflation to rise and has been attributed to the crash of the late 80's early 90's. looking at the charts for the Dollar and the Euro it would appear that their stabillity is by no means certain and in fact, after some period of stable values, are now starting to waiver. As a novice to financial markets, can someone with greater knowledge, explain what pressures will drive sterling to a weaker position and over what timescale we should watch for this to happen. Will the Euro and the Dollar move together? Short term will the
  7. Hi all So given the concensus that US rates increasing mean a consequent increase in UK rates, and as been explained here in this thread. What is the lag in time between US rates and UK rates and how far are US rates likley to increase with us following behind....................over to those with more knowledge than me.
  8. Just as a thought................if all those 3 bed semis that can be bought in the North East of England and in some other areas between the values of 125K and 170K.............(eg I could still buy a 4 bed detached tommorrow at 179K in a really good area).........dont that mean that the lower end of the market, (ie the REAL FTB properties such as 2 bed terraces, gets depressed by a similar margin due to the 'brake effect' mentioned above. But then as has already been mentioned is 1.5K going to be a big hurdle. Its the extra taxes and the increace in interest rates that will REALLY get this
  9. Oops added reply to the wrong thread Thanks for all the data.....looks like the Sunday Times was correct...........we appear to be in the 'lag phase' at the moment. Just hang on in thier and, as is often said.......................HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF or HINDSIGHT IS A WONDERFUL THING Cheers
  10. Thanks for all the data.....looks like the Sunday Times was correct...........we appear to be in the 'lag phase' at the moment. Just hang on in thier and, as is often said.......................HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF or HINDSIGHT IS A WONDERFUL THING Cheers
  11. Hi all Been lurking here for a while and have been prompted to post by a discussion with a work collegue. He advises that an article in the Sunday Times last weekend sugested that the volume of sales through EA's provides a time lag to a 'revision in house prices'. The argument goes that if VOLUME of sales at the EA drops, mainly due to the sellers stuborness to budge then the EA starts to lose money due to lack of income. This generates a time lag to a price reduction as the EA has a period of living off the 'fat' that they have generated in preceeding months, but when the bills start hit
  12. Nearest big town is Darlington. Looking forward to that fat goose this Christmas I can tell you.................................Dont get me wrong I am not gloating about this cause as I mentioned earlier today I came off real bad in the last crash...but this time I feel a payback coming.......................
  13. No house share, 2 bed terraced cottage in rural location, big garden, V friendly landlord who does all my maintainance within 24hrs........utopia. Seriously all I have said is true. Thier are still bargains in the TO LET market here in the North just not many of them. Prices here have rocketed too BUT remember that houses where I am renting before the boom were selling for £25000, I have NOT missed any noughts off. And now only 2 years on the same property is on the market for £85000. But they arn't selling anymore.....................
  14. Taking in your comments and reading some of the other posts here it strikes me that the sentiment of the buyer is a major factor in this particular market at this particular time. So I here concurr and admit that my oridginal thoughts have been changed by reasonable debate and that it can't be simply a case of inflation figures and the consequent wielding of the interest rate stick to moderate spending. I would agree that as a general principle most people feel that housing is overvalued but also recognise that when money is cheap then the lemming or herd mentallity takes over. its the peop
  15. ZZG, isnt it their fore the case that the only factor that will push HPC is an increase in the inflation rate as I asked in an earlier post today.........or am I missing something?
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