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  1. Can I atleast ask what tyoe of moderation structure you have? Is there anyone who is in charge of the moderators?
  2. As a mod could you please point out which post I made which was trollish? Or is agreeing that rents are going up trollish in itself?
  3. So I take it that you agree with me? The STR and wait for crash are increasing the average rent. Are you worried about the increase in your rent? Can I ask how old you are?
  4. These sort of posts are typical of people who are loosing an argument. There only defence in the end is to offend and throw accusation. Got nothing sensible to comeback with?
  5. Is this the quality of posts from most vets on this site?
  6. I letting to older and older people (early forties) and I assume there STR. Alot of them don't have refrences but are willing to put down a massive deposit (around 2K). They have nicer cars and possibaly a child.
  7. I don't know about your friends. I own flats in didsbury village close to wilmslow rd. I used to rent them for 550 but I can now rent them for 750. As for the flak I think it's good that theres someone providing a more real prospective on whats happening out there. Anyone who is a BTL is going to get the bears on this site attacking them. Even the site admin!! The truth can be difficult for some people to take. Look at the lang reg figures that came out. If they had shown a fall the bears would agree with them but because they show a rise the bears will simply say they are VI spin.
  8. Well hopefully BOE won't because of the price of OIL and then there will be a crash At which point I can increase my portfolio on the cheap
  9. Rents are increasing!!! All those sell to renters which have alot more money then new commers are pushing up rents People who can buy but think there will be a crash so decided not to do so are also pushing up rent Like it or not thats whats happening on the ground. I'm pushing up the rent on my BTL properties.
  10. Have you walked through Didsbury recently? back in 2001 there were 2 estate agents in didbury village there are now 6. The area has become much more busy. Small local businesses have been replaced by the likes of M&S.
  11. Hopefully a large number of BTL will be repo soon Prices will crash!!! Then I can massively increase my portfolio on the cheap!! You know it's bad when even BTL want a crash!!
  12. Read the post i don't discriminate on age!!! I'm just saying people applying for flats are older! SO this could be your STR pushing up the rental price.
  13. One thing I have noticed is the age of the people I rent to is increasing. I used to rent to 25 to 32 year olds friends/couples. Now the people I rent to are late forties STR maybe. People who STR generally went somewhere nice to rent (richer than people in there twenties). People who know manchester know didsbury is a nice part of manchester and I think thats why it's attracting many STR and pushing up rent.
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