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  1. How to Make Your Million From the Internet (And What To Do If You Don't) Jonathan Maitland's 2002 book was hilarious and hard to put down. No doubt he is preparing the ground for his next one 'How To Make Your Millions from BTL' etc. I am looking forward to reading it but won't necessarilly be following his advice. Celebrity journalists/entertainers/presenters have a slightly different agenda from most people.
  2. Hello London-loser. You may be right that I am sane but I'm not so sure. You are completely correct in your assertion that it would be crazy to ignore an overnight loss in value of 90%. But I have never seen anything remotely like that. Even the super bears only talk about a 30% to 50% crash. What I have seen is falls followed by rises. The long term charts show this clearly. Each peak is higher than the previous one which means that even if you buy at the 'top' inflation and general increases in national wealth will eventually bail you out. As long as the yield is sufficient, you ca
  3. I presume you mean that his landlord should not be happy because of the much promised but slow to arrive pending crash? I know its no consolation to people trying to get started on the property ladder, but, once you own a property, the value is not really of much interest. If you can afford it, or own it outright then what is there to discuss? There are more important things in life than the value of the place you live. ie your home. Its the same for a landlord. This, of course, assumes you have sufficient income to live off. Rents have more or less kept up with inflation for a very long
  4. Hi non-TFBer As a landlord I am happy to see that both yourself and your landlord are happy with the rent agreed. Good for you. Any rent is a negotiation. You feel you did well. No doubt your landlord is also happy. I guess you are a good tenant who pays on time and repects the property and your neighbours. My own properties were paid for years ago and are completely unencumbered so that any rent I receive is income. Its far more important to me to have 'good steady tenants' than extra rent. The hassle of dealing with problem tenants far exceeds the benefit of accepting a higher rent f
  5. How about this? http://www.iii.co.uk/markets/?type=editorial&id=33876
  6. THEREFORE MAY 19TH HAS BEEN FORMALLY DECLARED "STICK IT UP THEIR BEHIND" DAY AND THE PEOPLE OF THIS NATION SHOULD NOT BUY A SINGLE DROP OF PETROL THAT DAY. MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND MAKE MAY 19TH A DAY THAT THE CITIZENS OF GREAT BRITAIN SAY "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" Wouldn't it make much more sense to target the government. It's Gordon Brown and his insatiable appetite for revenue to fund his many schemes that makes the price of petrol what it is. Has there ever been such a master of sneak thievery as Gordon and his stealth taxes? Reasonable taxation is one thing but Gordon's tax levels are theft
  7. No, I don't think he is joking in recommending getting into property. The author, Neil Jenman is the owner of a chain of estate agents in Australia which also franchises its methods elsewhere including New Zealand. His sales pitch is that his method is "ethical". The methods used by estate agents down here in OZ and NZ would be against the codes of practice and probably illegal in the highly regulated UK marketplace. The tricks of the trade here have to be seen to be believed. Jenman campaigns against the worst excesses by touring and giving talks. He drew over 800 people to a meeting in
  8. Are you serious? Is this another wind up? Lending institutions do not lend to limited companies without personal guarantees. They are experts at minimising their own risk. Belt and braces usually. Do you think banks have survived so well by allowing borrowers to walk away from losses. The borrowers will pick up the tab as they always have done.
  9. Hi Vacant Possession, Now why wouldn't someone complete and buy a beautiful property like that. Given the choice of an ordinary terrace or that magnificent example of post modern design chic: Surely there can be no other choice than to go with the Tudor. Be the envy of your friends. Endless conversations about the decor. Wake up each morning in your own private shangri-la. If I wanted a place in Fratton. I would be bidding too. Bikeyb
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