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  1. Hi FP

    I have been a keen observer of your interviews in the media. When things go tits up there will be many angry people looking for scapegoats.

    As you advertise your personal business as spokesman for HPC I`m afraid you will be in the firing line as well as your company.

    Never ever bring your business into your personal views as a member of a very controversial website.

    Anonymity is the name of the game.

    What a complete prat you are. :lol:

    BTW this is a sweeping statement

    But Mr Davis says some 250,000 landlords will have had their homes repossessed by 2009 anyway. "Be warned – the next few years are not going to be pretty."
  2. its not the bloody deposit that stops the first time buyers from buying, its the bloody lenders strategie of 4 times or less your annual income


    Oh so sorry i must remember all the inheritance im going to get


    What a silly a**e you are. :rolleyes:

  3. Also MR GALS BEAR's neice who has been living with her grandparents (her parents live in DUBAI)

    has decided to buy this week. This girl is early 20's and has just started work as an ACCOUNTANT for gods sake !!!! Surely she should know better. Again when MR GAL BEAR tried to talk some sense

    into her she acted like he was mad !!!

    Mr. GAL BEAR visited a Financial Advisor today to see how much we COULD get on mortgage.

    Mr Gal Bear went to see a FA to find how much you could borrow, if he had said you should buy, no doubt you would have followed his niece and bought also. :rolleyes:

  4. Hatchet man. Ahhhh you boys are so paranoid! To think that a nasty insurance broker in the city could infiltrate your cosy little crash love fest like a mole and start pouring poison into peoples ears!

    I'm actually a Chartered Surveyor working in COMMERCIAL property. No links to resi whatsoever and no hidden agenda - just liked the website for a while and thought I'd post.

    This site should beware: its had good press coverage recently and I'm glad it has, but the more elitist and biased it becomes, the less and less people will take it seriously, which is counter productive.

    Well Bob at least we now know that you are in property, maybe not residential but commercial. Even that is not looking very healthy now is it Bob?

    Well there are a few well established Bulls and EAs here who appear to have no problems posting, I wonder why.

    There are some brilliant posters on this site and I would recommend you read their posts carefully. Some post infrequently now as they have said it all, pulled up their chairs, and ordered the popcorn. May I suggest you follow Credit Action monthly stats, always worth a read and quite frightening.

    You see Bob it won`t be IRs and a recession that will crash the market this time but the massive unmanageable debt both personal and corporate.

    BTW as every Political Party have their militants so do controversial Forums, the trick is separating the wheat from the Chaff.

    Have a nice day. ;)

    ..................or maybe i'll stick around for some fun! :P

    And you wonder why you get trolled. :rolleyes:

  5. I think some of my posts get lost in the ether when I mention individuals by name so i'll stop doing that!

    I'm not a mortgage broker - its quite deliciously ironic that you've accused me of this as its the other card that the militant bears pull to discredit people with different opinions!

    Playing your troll card is the equivalent of running home to mommie when the boys in the next street aren't playing nicely! Awwwww. :lol:

    Read all your posts Bob, sorry, you definitely come across as someone in the mortgage industry. Funny I can`t see you working for the Banks, more like one of the big insurance boys, ie: the Pru or Norwich Union as an example. Hoovering up the lot, the mortgage, building insurance, contents insurance, sickness and unemployment cover. I would imagine the recent floods have spooked you with all the payouts coming together with possible redundancies to trim your company`s costs.

    Mind you if you are lucky to be selling lifetime mortgages to the old dears you may be OK. :rolleyes:

  6. Good bearish stuff except that you know nowt that matters so your forecast opinion is worth jacksh1t as far as I'm concerned. Don't you mean ridiculous commission? Fees?!!! My 4rse.

    Oh how fame goes to people`s heads, ever thought of taking up a new career in the Diplomatic Service ?

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