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  1. Boomers rock, are swinging, and taught their Children the value of things, but sadly their Children have taught their Children you are little Gods and deserve every thing we give you, TVs in your Bedroom, Mobile phones, the most fashionable clothes fron Primark, Ipods, bad language, and you don`t have to do those nasty Paper Rounds, just lay in bed, never clean your Bedroom, and have your little Paddies.

    My Life I prefer my little Dog. :lol:

  2. Or put another way:

    The US$ has again fallen, now you get $826 per Toz of gold.

    And the GBP has also fallen, now you get £414 per Toz of gold.

    Most, if not all, paper currencies are falling against the gold currency.

    Silver is up at £7.33/Toz.

    Steve :D

    Watch your back Lad.

  3. Too late.

    I;ve already escaped, and am living happily in Hong Kong.

    Come out and have a look. You can rent one of my flats for a few weeks

    Sorry, I feel uneasy since those nice chaps from The People`s Republic of China took over dear old Hong Kong.

    Next year they will be terribly upset when the Western Economies can`t afford to buy their goods and start seizing Western Assets in retaliation.

    Best to keep with the devil you know.

    Do you not remember the American comic strips of the 60s/70s, keep well away says my mate Mr Lau Kim of my local Chinese Takaway. ^_^

  4. Now the value of the asset falls and the borrower goes into default. At this point the bank can call the debt in and repossess the asset. The asset is sold say for £50k. The bank is in effect out of pocket by £50k (ignoring any repayments that may have been made). There is little or no chance of the bank ever recovering the missing £50k because the bank was a bit loose with its lending criteria, for example. The borrower does not have the £50k either, so the money supply has been reduced by £50k.

    Indirectly the Bank themselves pay back the £50k from their profits and the Taxman and Shareholders get less. :ph34r:

  5. Do enlighten us as to how saying that someone knows nowt is blowing one's own trumpet. Some people just don't get it. :angry: When one says that one is amazing, clever etc then that is what you have said, not what I said. Do enlighten.

    Maybe my comprehension of the English language is different from yours, if you don`t get my post why should I waste my time explaining.

    The angry emoticon is that a raw nerve ? :rolleyes:

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