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  1. I knew about Palestine, Gaza, and the history of the Middle East when you were still a twinkle in your Father`s eye, so please don`t offer me advice or videos on the subject in question.
  2. A good judge of charactor, you must be joking, you don`t have a clue who I am, do you? Go back to school lad/or lady lad, you have still a lot to learn.
  3. Keep it up Errol that is a classic, oh how I love you Goldbugs.
  4. Drowned out by is he the new Jimmy Carter? Give it 18 months before he goes down the Swannee, sadly there is no American in the wings who can sort out the bloody mess they are in. Bubb who must have lost a fortune mark this.
  5. Soon be a thing of the passed for you as you once again fail. Doctor, Teacher, what are you now? Your PBO must be quite worried about you, fred has suddenly gone missing.
  6. You`ve done your duty Shedfish, now time to retire.
  7. Dear old Tony Benn who has done financially quite well in his hated Capitalist Society, knew him and his hypocrisy in the 1960s, and not forgetting dear old Hilary ( spelling ) has joined him, the unacceptable face of Socialism. The man is a complete false Messiah and will sh!t on his own to increase his personal glory, BTW does he still use the tape recorder when he is interviewed? As Lord Stansgate he would never have been known, no glory, earning a meagre £300 a day sitting asleep in the House Of Fools.
  8. Shocking, NAME AND SHAME THEM. The first entry. The Tramp well passed his sell by date, now gone into oblivion where he belongs
  9. Always remember in a recession at least 80% of the population are doing OK, many like myself are cash rich and are not looking at increasing our wealth, I am spending money like water, hoovering up all the bargains, as it was in the 70s, early 80s, and early 90s, life is so sweet, just bought a brand new appliance on ebay at £300 discount in comparison to advertised retail prices, the wife is having a whale of a time as well , if only you knew me CL. I am now living my new life away from HPC, making up for the 5 years I spent posting my views. Remember GOLD is not the be all and end all, toilet rolls are prominent in this recession. Yippee do dah, yipee yeh, I`m really making it today.
  10. PM`d BW a few days ago, he said the planned Pub Meet was still on with his Guest attending, who knows you could get an invite and meet the Mystery Guest. I understand he is looking at mid March. I myself am hoping for an invite.
  11. PM`d BW a few days ago, he said the planned Pub Meet was still on with his Guest attending, who knows you coud get an invite and meet the Mystery Guest. I understand he is looking at mid March. I myself am hoping for an invite.
  12. If you weren`t around at the time living it, you would not understand the truth, read your books and articles by all means, listen to opinions, but if you were not a part of it at the time, then silence is golden. You have your wonderful Global Economy where piss takers rule the roost, TTF I am now out of it.
  13. A different world. BTW the old Pros are monitoring tonight, you probably don`t know or remember them.
  14. I`ve always thought you were a saddo, this reply proves my point. Why don`t you stick your brainless head up where the sun don`t shine, blow out the shit in your brains, and maybe you can then post in a manner if you had any educated knowledge. BC no wonder this country is going down the pan. Long live the older BBs.
  15. Where on Earth did you get your class education from, in the days of Thatcher`s family they were classed as Middle Class as they never had to soil their hands, hell the mind boggles.
  16. Save your breath Fudge you are debating with people more indoctrinated than communists.
  17. Below the belt old son, you and many others may attack their system with good reason, but the part about healthcare is true as much as it sticks in your throat. BTW I am not a supporter of any Communist System, but die hard Thatcherites like yourself who move to Canada for their own personal gain, the me, me, me brigade I take with a pince of salt. Well a least a Happy New Year to you and your girl friend.
  18. There is lots of evidence that Parties rely on a minority group to win them elections. There is lots of evidence that savers who have been crucified over the years are finally going to kick Brown into outer space. Piss taking will bring him down as responsibiity for oneself is not in his vocabulary. Not forgetting that the definition of Democracy is the will of the majority. The majority are about to return and once again take power, as the ponces will get hit hard. A new World order is about to take over.
  19. And I have just discovered that it appears I have been Moderated, Goodbye All.
  20. Just noticed FP ( where the girls scream hysterically ) is no longer shown as a Mod. Well, well, he must really be s******g himself since the Squirrel had a pop. I`ve always been very fond of Squirrels, they are fluffy interesting creatures.
  21. Tuffers old chap there is I thinking you were a little bit of a Troll, but you have proved yourself to be a number one sincere caring poster. I award you the HPC DFC with an added Bar, having seen the falseness of your so called fellow Pilot who has finally been shot down and and proving he was not the worshipped and invisible Red Baron of this Forum. The bigger they are the greater they fall. He must be s******g himself now, incontinence pants can be bought from all good Pharmacies for £8 per 10.
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