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  1. I noticed tonight that the Google Ads are now appearing in the middle of the page for logged in members, that did not last long, Fubra are now getting very greedy, I thought the cost of Roller Blades were cheaper in the current downturn.
  2. Was that not a word used often by that Hertfordshire fly boy FP, are you he?
  3. There is no Black Day, stocks have merely reverted to their true values, as the RBA warned in November 2004 IIRC.
  4. It has been in all past Recessions and Downturns, always has been and alway will be. If you have none you are well and truly screwed.
  5. The cut in IRs since April 2008 has cost me £400 per month in my living income. I am sitting in two overcoats with a candle for illumination as I now can`t afford the power bills during this extreme cold weather. Laptop or light that is what I have to choose. Bless you all as I am getting close to leaving this world.
  6. Now that shows how they are completely taking the p i s s and IMHO should be the first to be thrown on the scrapheap, if my Nan aged 90 had her way they should be taken to the Tower and lose their heads, bless her.
  7. There strategy is to destroy those who give the true facts which they hope will save them, hope beyond all hope, their destruction is guaranteed. YOU GET NOTHING FOR NOTHING IN THIS LIFE, SOMETHING MANY OF US OLD ONES KNOW TOO WELL.
  8. When Bank Employees say they deserve their bonuses as they have achieved their targets is beyond belief. They lent irresponsibly, threw caution to the wind to achieve this and have the cheek to make these statements show what complete greedy born out of wedlock people they are. Political correctness can go to hell when the British Taxpayers are having the Michael taken out of them. The most honest worker I know is the guy who without fail in all adverse weather conditions sweeps my road every day. There is a culture in this country that I`m worth every penny I get, it is the others who don`t. Seen it, been there, flashed the T-Shirt the past 50 years which takes that time to receive your economic education. Where are the real and old heroes of this Forum, probably gone to ground to avoid the assassination by hit squads. As this is posted, suddenly 4 Anonymous Users appear, quite strange, am I being stalked. Ed Balls saved by Brown, get Balls out of the Treasury before the complete Ball`s up comes to pass.
  9. Your Emoticon of LOL shows me you were taking the p i s s in a nervous way. This one would have been more appropriate if you were sure of your own position. A letting Agent in my Area just over a year ago spent Lunchtime in a local Restaurant boasting how well he was doing to all those who wanted to hear. Today he sits in his office with his cheese and pickle rolls, with a flask of tea prepared by his loving other half. (This being an appropriate Emoticon for this reply. )
  10. Considering you have been a member of this Forum since 2004. All I can say is you are having a laugh aren`t you.
  11. The use of this Emoticon in post 1647203 tells me as a judge of human behaviour that deep down you are a very worried person. ( No Emoticon needed. )
  12. The Signature. What a load of hypocritical b u l l s h i t.
  13. Workers rights in this Country are a joke, as a very Senior Citizen said to me, to think I spent 1940 to 1945 up to my neck in fear, mud, cold, and hungry, for what, how I wish I could turn the clock back and tell them to get stuffed as my Crystal Ball would show that I will eventually have the piss taken out of me, my Children, and my Grandchildren. Thank God I am now out of it. :angry:
  14. Evidently you did not live in the South, I remember all the Ford workers in Dagenham had a new car, you might have thought that Ford was using the workers car park as a storage area if you saw them.
  15. Received info that TGOTR has had a very nice result, the best of luck to him.
  16. Not forgetting the Grandfathers of this Forum now sadly gone said exactly this 4 years ago.
  17. Just had a very nice result from the Express, a very welcome Birthday Present, every little bit helps.
  18. The Economy is way ahead of the Policymakers. The Savers will destroy Brown at the next Election, forget the Floating Voters their power has gone. As my old Grandad used to say never trust any Politician who appears in Public or on the Media without a collar and tie. Gordon Brown and the MPC are going to learn a very nasty lesson. I have been informed that the Gentleman of the Road is having a whale of a time.
  19. He prints it, or sells off the country`s treasures, eg: puts HM in a Housing Association flat.
  20. Then MG are talking through their a**e, like many of their kind they did not see what has happened coming so therefore anything they and their financial friends say I treat with a pince of salt. The Guru Bootle is the worst of them all.
  21. Protests in the streets of France and Greece. Icelanders force their Government out. Britain part Nationalisation of some Banks. The USA now a semi Socialist State with their bails outs of Financial Institutions. The Eurozone will break down. Global Savers will show their strength and terrify Governments and CBs. Poor old Mark G will commit Hari Kari. And for me life will be Financially secure and happy. BTW not forgetting those workers in the UK a little upset at that Oil Company bringing in EU workers to complete a winning contract. Oh how wonderful life is and thank the Lord I am well out of it.
  22. Reason one, Errol needs to buy more at a low price because of his Gold addiction. Reason two, because there are more valuable investments than Gold.
  23. Dear old Mandy the source of the disease in British Politics, a member of a minority group who now control the country.
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