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  1. I wasn't advocating, if that's what you were thinking. It's just what I am sure the powers that be would love to do.

    Remember the High Court Case where the powers that be lost hands down, you see they made a mistake when the court decided that they the powers that be entered into a legal contract but they conveniently forgot that but the Boomers didn`t. :D

    No chance of a Fred the Shred scenario here. :rolleyes:

  2. I am still convinced a big crash will come this Spring in the Markets - I have been thinking April/May for some months now and recent bounces in the DOW/NASDAQ in the past week only reaffirms my view.

    Just a gut feeling combined with years of watching this bubble. I don't think all the nasty info is out yet and I think the NASDAQ will test the 2001 lows again. Dow will go down and the FTSE will get down to 2995 at least IMPO. Just my hunch.

    Really, strange how you were absent for many months from this Forum, and then return when it all happens and have your gut feelings.

    Be off with you Lad your gut feelings are so false they make me want to spew, oh for the days of the return of those great Posters who sadly have thrown in the towel and taken their leave of this once great Forum.

    The Lunatics are now in control. :(

  3. Received Council Tax Bill today.

    The largest weekly part of my Council Tax is

    Police: No

    Education: No

    Council Christmas Party: No




















    > Social Services £10.17

    That`s 30% of my total weekly Council Tax Bill.

    And I live in a well off Borough.

  4. The Leaders

    Gordon Brown, Ed Balls, and Tony Blair as the blind Leader

    Followed by

    Alistair Darling, and the FSA.

    Dragged in

    Mervyn King and the MPC

    Now we have the Confession by

    David Cameron Norman Lamont`s Advisor during the great joke of 1992, now he is saying sorry that the Conservatives did not warn about the great Debt Mountain which has brought the Country to its Financial knees.

    Thank the Lord that I protected myself 100%, no I did not buy the fool`s investment GOLD. :P

  5. conformity WILL be met & adhered too at ALL times. :(

    Really, I heard today of a Financial Institution in trouble and under pressure having to withdraw Staff Bonuses, but to compensate have awarded pay rises up to 20%.

    Refuse to name the Institution as those watching could blow my cover.

  6. Oh dear a tad bitter

    Not a troll and def not in a hovel

    Not a clue who ctt is or why he thinks I;m a troll but I have been showing friends and family this site for yrs in the hope of stopping them making a mistake

    we don't all have time to wait forever for a home those who do should

    def not a fool though After taking advice here I got a house st 35% off peak fairly easily so was more than surprised to see teh recent nonsense in Brighton

    Posts not tearjerking just facts

    You really take the biscuit, you must have rid yourself of those spots. :rolleyes:

  7. You are not the first to think that.

    Lets have:

    1. The People`s Republic of Scotland.

    2. The People`s Republic of Wales.

    3. The People`s Republic of Northern Ireland.

    and we are left with a lovely political, free loving, at peace with itself, little country called England, God bless St George. :)

    Bring it on now, no more worries, subsidies, and a happy country left in peace. B)

  8. Beam me back to the 60s and 70s Scottie when in comparison with today things were a walk in the park.

    When the attitude was British jobs for British Workers ( including genuine long standing immigrants ), with that old feeling of security and jobs for life.

    We may have been paying at top 15% on mortgages but it did not matter, the jobs for life gave us that special albeit it slightly false hope but it saw us through.

    Attacks against those organisations you know who were destroyed and that wonderful Global and in the pits EU economy was born.

    Just for Marina and Let`s Get It Right, the same person. :rolleyes:

    I was told today by someone in the Banking Industry that bonuses have been scrapped this year by his bank but to compensate his salary has been increased in the coming year by 20%.

    When you approach a junction which has a road block, turn around and go three times around the first roundabout.

    Magic. :D

  9. Who put the little troll pic on my name?How did they do it?

    I quite like the hair though! :lol:

    I am hoping prices go through the floor tbh as I have brothers who are really struggling and renting dumps and they want to settle down. So am surprised to be called a troll

    noddynoo so you`re back, CTT was right to troll you.

    I remember your tear jerking posts, CTT saw immediately through you, this post IMO shows that you are definitely trolling, and you will never convince CTT that he was wrong.

    The bold highlighted in your post shows hypocrisy of the worst kind.

    Return I say to your hovel in Brighton among those lovely people.

    A fool easily parted from his money. :D

  10. Austria has always been a buffer between eastern and western Europe. They were early participants in the development of markets in Emerging Europe (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia etc) and are huge lenders there.

    I thought that honour went to the Swiss, hence the Telegraph story a couple of years back when IRs were rising that the Red Lights were flashing in the former Soviet Satellite States, evidently the borrowing by them from the Swiss in cheap mortgages was coming home to roost.

    The Telegraph

    CTT`s Original Thread

  11. So... and sorry if this seems a bit tinfoil hat.... could the Govt actually seize savings ( or restrict withdrawls ) ?

    It is comments like this when I strongly object to paying taxes to fund Education.

    Please Lord transport me somewhere where life returns to where it used to be, free from idiots and once again in the world of maturity. :rolleyes:

  12. Your ability to abuse will have zero effect on reality described in my earlier post (which was not personal by the way)

    I am trully glad it touched you :P

    Once again your reply has proved you are young, stupid, and don`t have the experience of life to understand how things pan out and reality works.

    People like you never touch me as you respond as sheep yourselves, laughing at your expression of sheeple commonly used on this forum.

    You don`t have a clue who I am on this forum, and if I told you, still you would be none the wiser. :D

    So get some experience lad/lady and come back to me when you are more mature and my equal. ;)

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