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  1. Mandy's running the show imo (or will be very shortly) & he is pro euro. In fact it was HIS baby wasn't it ?

    Mandy is dead meat, he may have returned after 2 disgraces, but Brown must gather around him so called supporters regardless how Abhorrent they are, but a 3rd is in the pipeline and such a p***k as he is will finally send him off to the wilderness for good.

    Watch and learn from the man with holes in his trousers. ;)

    I hope he is reading and replies on this thread.

  2. no chance.

    The eurozone is much better placed than the UK to cope, plus that's what the those that control the system want.

    The UK will be in the Euro proper before xmas imo.

    I think the pound will drop below parity when it enters.

    A losing bet if you were a betting man.

    The bets are on who will be withdrawing from the Euro within the next couple of years.

    My old Mentor with holes in his trousers, who I would bet on the feeling in his water, will be proved correct.

    He also believes that the Chinese are correct that the QE in the Western Economies will lead to future high inflation in the Global Economies.

    He expects that the Savers will then get their revenge as the Banks are forced to kiss their a***s. Magic. ;)

  3. Striking Numbers

    1 in 33 people in work estimated to become unemployed in 2009

    £58,350 average household debt

    £189m amount of interest paid in the UK daily

    every 10 minutes a property is repossessed

    3,000 people made redundant every day

    1 person every 4.5 minutes declared bankrupt or insolvent

    £84m interest daily amount the Government pays of our national debt

    Oh well nice Summer weather is predicted.

    Credit Action Stats May 2009

  4. Congratulations!

    Remember that the money you've got is all ponzi money, and you're a ponzi winner!

    Canadian dollars, silver, gold; HSBC and nationwide; for my taste.

    They told me that in 1976, today I have a house, no debt, and living mortgage free for 29 years, how I loved my ponzi money then, ended up being worth a lot of money, now retired and spending like hell, the bargains are mine for the taking.

    I take it when you buy you will pay your mortgage in real money. :lol:

    The lunatics have truly taken over this Forum, where are all those past and great posters? :(

    Finally Completed - Thank You Spring Bounce..., ...now what do i do with the dosh??

    BTW are you the legendary, great, brain of the year Bubble Pricker? :unsure:

  5. Not to worry, the Savers are now the forward attack troops, the floating voters and Bob down at the Pub are not needed and have zero influence

    When a Saver receives £3.45p monthly net interest on £50k savings, writes out a cheque to the Bank of England for £3.45p, telling them they need it more than them and to stick it in equal parts up the MPC`s a*se then Brown is on his way to be President of the EU Union where all failed Politicians end up. :rolleyes:

    Savers revolt, spend all your assets and go to the DHSS for all those lovely benefts you will then be entitled to. ;)

  6. Bring it on. Capitalism has clearly collapsed under the weight of its own contradictions. :)

    Oh dear another dreamer, Brown`s Capitalism has collapsed not honest Capitalism, when a Saver with £50k in a Premier Saving`s Account is paid £3.45 net interest for a month, a rate of 0.010% when the Lender is charging 3.5% for mortgages and 9% for personal loans. Are they taking the p i s s? :(

    Are we living in the real World? :rolleyes:

  7. I do know for sure that Gordon/Nu Fascist will have no qualms about confiscating the gold out of your grannies teeth if it wishes

    Was that the reason why a delegation of Dental Surgeons were summoned to No 10? :unsure:

  8. Only buy from Traders on Ebay.

    Founds items at a click of my mouse for equipment greatly reduced in price than the High Street.

    1. £500 bought for £189

    2. £20 bought for £8.70 and on and on it goes. :)

  9. His predecessor @ the Telegraph was poor old happless market-timer Roger Bootle.

    The difference between Lian and Roger is that Liam seems to care what the free market is saying. Roger drew up his projections, plastered a theory on it and tried to sell that theory (imho) - sorry Rog! :lol:

    Sorry Rog you say? the man is brilliant, only Rog with his silly predictions can manage to come out as a hero Guru of great respect in the Financial World.

    Interest rates will fall to 3.5% end 2006.

    No wonder the f*****g country is in a state.

    Oooh, say Nigel and Penelope we must get that £1/4 million mortgage, Roger says interest rate will fall to 3.5% end 2006, and many of the Pundits say interest rates have peaked and on the way down.

    It was the Nigels and Penelopes who caused this serious Economic Downturn aided and abetted by the Roger Bootles of the Financial World. :rolleyes:

    Not forgetting the silly predictions of Michael and Johnny boy. :lol:

  10. If you can`t beat the Boss then the time has come to seriously look for another job.

    The situation today will be and has always been in the past if you can`t f**k the Boss then your future is not very secure and bright.

    Been there, tried it, and come out flying my flag at full mast.

    Without your skills, whatever they may be, your Boss is on a loser, and the old fart knows it, it`s all a game of bluff. :)

  11. Originally from the Chicago Tribune.

    Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it.

    And those who follow it become very angry losers, seen it, been there, and wore the T Shirt.

    The innocence and inexperience of observing, not living, and learning from years past by the younger person will lead to a personal disaster for them in the future. ;)

    Viva, those who lived it and learnt by it. :D

  12. This forum was initiated by a group of forward thinking people that knew a thing or two..or three.

    Joined May 2008, sadly you missed the real great posters who were this Forum, disappeared now deafened by all the white noise and hundreds of newbies attempting to obtain their 15 minutes of fame.

    Those old original posters were the true heroes of this forum and that can never be taken away from them. ;)

  13. The result is a smaller economy employing fewer people to generate less wealth more efficiently to support a growing mass of idle hands.

    The real problem is that many of the idle and soon to be idled hands will stay idle from here on, as an unatural percentage move from working age to retirement.

    Any recovery is far far away. And that means equities will canabalise and shrink further and further. As this is an acrid climate for any mature business.

    As usual '?...!' the true sanity on this Forum, many others here don`t have a f*****g clue, many still in their nappies, having lived in the world of plenty with all their new Gizmos. :rolleyes:

    BTW Topher Bear nice to see you here. ;)

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