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  1. Mandy is dead meat, he may have returned after 2 disgraces, but Brown must gather around him so called supporters regardless how Abhorrent they are, but a 3rd is in the pipeline and such a p***k as he is will finally send him off to the wilderness for good. Watch and learn from the man with holes in his trousers. I hope he is reading and replies on this thread.
  2. A losing bet if you were a betting man. The bets are on who will be withdrawing from the Euro within the next couple of years. My old Mentor with holes in his trousers, who I would bet on the feeling in his water, will be proved correct. He also believes that the Chinese are correct that the QE in the Western Economies will lead to future high inflation in the Global Economies. He expects that the Savers will then get their revenge as the Banks are forced to kiss their a***s. Magic.
  3. Please read the post before you get excited to disagree. I always found that many working in Mental Health could not spell, but to shout and misspell at the same time proves my point.
  4. Only because he was a regular reader of this Forum and took the each way bet. Roger`s best: Interest Rates will fall to 3.5% by year end 2006.
  5. Did you know that 1 in 5 parking places at car parks in Hospitals, Council car parks, and Supermarkets are allocated to the disabled including parents with children in Supermarket Car Parks ( so not to exaust the little darlings ) Disabled Badges are now the No 1 for misuse.
  6. Roger Bootle`s views should be totally ignored, the man have proved time and time again that he suffers from Financial Dementia.
  7. Oh well nice Summer weather is predicted. Credit Action Stats May 2009
  8. They told me that in 1976, today I have a house, no debt, and living mortgage free for 29 years, how I loved my ponzi money then, ended up being worth a lot of money, now retired and spending like hell, the bargains are mine for the taking. I take it when you buy you will pay your mortgage in real money. The lunatics have truly taken over this Forum, where are all those past and great posters? BTW are you the legendary, great, brain of the year Bubble Pricker?
  9. Rumours are that Brown will sell off Scotland and Wales to the highest bidder to save our beloved England.
  10. There will be no Southern recession, I am spending money like water to save th South, the Car Industry, B&Q, online buying South only, the Chinese Takeaway etc, etc.
  11. Not to worry, the Savers are now the forward attack troops, the floating voters and Bob down at the Pub are not needed and have zero influence When a Saver receives £3.45p monthly net interest on £50k savings, writes out a cheque to the Bank of England for £3.45p, telling them they need it more than them and to stick it in equal parts up the MPC`s a*se then Brown is on his way to be President of the EU Union where all failed Politicians end up. Savers revolt, spend all your assets and go to the DHSS for all those lovely benefts you will then be entitled to.
  12. Old Bubble Pricker knows about the Dead Cat Bounce. Well he would when one STRs too early. Kirsty`s Auction in February arose him from the early STR dead. What no response from the Investment Guru?
  13. Oh dear another dreamer, Brown`s Capitalism has collapsed not honest Capitalism, when a Saver with £50k in a Premier Saving`s Account is paid £3.45 net interest for a month, a rate of 0.010% when the Lender is charging 3.5% for mortgages and 9% for personal loans. Are they taking the p i s s? Are we living in the real World?
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