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  1. thinking of opening a spread betting account but can't decide which one to go with, any advise is more than welcome!
  2. Anyone know of any reputable online brokers who sell American Etf's?
  3. had very few problems myself, but if something like that does happen again then you could always phone them to make a trade. IMHO selftrade offer some of the best deals and probably the best site in terms of info and transparency. There's always gonna be glitchs no matter where you go.
  4. Sorry forgot to answer the question, i'd continue to rent and SAVE until i saw something that represented good value, and who knows that could be 10 or 15 years from now but i know i'll feel a whole lot better the whole time knowing that i haven't got a hugely overpriced debt hanging round my neck.
  5. Great post Jonny, i totally agree that this scenorio is the most likely, more so with london and the south east areas thou (especially with the olympics in 2012). i think what you may have missed thou is the extra £625 monthly saving that your making which works out at 7500 year or 37500 (over 5 years) or aprox 42500 with interest if invested in an isa/high savings account. this means 150000 minus 42500 which covers 20% deposit would now be 107500 and this over a 20 year mortgage at 9% SVR would be £979 even if they went to 12% it would only be £1196
  6. I think the rate your talking about is the initial charge which is 3.5%. This is the amount fidelity charge you to buy into the fund without taking into account the 1.5% yearly management charge on the value of your fund. You can get the initial charge down to 0.5% if you set up a self select Maxi Isa (£25 yearly charge) with selftrade (an online stockbroker). Selftrade offer cheaper fund prices due to volume they buy. You'll can also get that £25 back if you get someone to refer you as you'll get £50 free after buying more than £500 in funds or shares. if i were you thou i'd read up an awful lot more on investing in general before taking the plunge. Japan looks like one for the future but could be a while before it picks up. if your still interested thou email me at ftb.waiting@ntlworld.com and i'll refer you i'm positive u can mix both funds and shares in a self select Maxi Isa with selftrade. The customer services no. is 0845 0700 720 so feel free to double check also check out the FAQ and the site in general at www.selftrade.co.uk good luck FTBW
  7. Sandman, am very interested in the SRS ETF that you spoke of although i not sure of how to go about buying this fund as it's not available on selftrade. could you reccommend a cheap broker? also is there stamp duty to be payed as it's a not listed on LSE? thanks FTB
  8. a few quick questions about ETF's anyone know the cheapest online supermarket for ETF's? would i be right in thinking that ETF's have mangement charge of around 0.4 % and exit charges around the same? why do people still bother with Unit trust and oeics ftse trackers when etfs seem a lot cheaper and more profitable?
  9. I'm thinking of buying some unit trusts but am a bit unsure of the charges involved. i see that a lot have up to 5% inital charges but would i be right in thinking that the fees drop to 0.5 if you go with self trade. also does anyone know of any hotshot fund managers that have gone solo lately?
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