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  1. Can sombody explain this one...if the currency goes bust and we are all running around with wheel barrows of money, what would that do to the price of a stock, considering a stock is partial ownership in a company?? If that company is any company other than a silly one like a bank, say a Gun company or a booze company, how would that be a bad thing??
  2. http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/
  3. I follow American politics fairly closely and I've recently discovered this ultra neocon libertarian character call Ron Paul. This guy makes Maggy look like Stalin. Among his compelling policy ideas is dumping the U.S Federal Reserve and shiit can’en the IRS! Could you conceive of a system minus it's tax collection and central bank? Implications? Pro’s? Cons? Is that freedom? Link to Ron Paul
  4. Greetings all....Just wondering if anyone knows about a good website that lists all houses in the country for sale! Or is it just a matter of having to cruise various real estate agent websites and Rightmove type companies....cheers
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